UFC Round-up With Paul Felder & Michael Chiesa | Fight Island 3.0 Recap | 1.29.21

Paul Felder and Michael Chiesa run by way of quite a lot of UFC and MMA matters giving their ideas on all issues UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor 2 and Struggle …

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37 thoughts on “UFC Round-up With Paul Felder & Michael Chiesa | Fight Island 3.0 Recap | 1.29.21

  1. These boys been sparring and putting in that work. Look forward to seeing you both back in the octagon! Chiesa neutralizing Magny like that was phenomenal. I know people like the all out wars and bangers, but it's a fight and utilized his grappling to shut Magny down. N yes! No Conor or Khabib at the top of LW is so exciting and look forward to seeing it stay moving. Heavyweight is opened up now as well. Good times for us MMA/UFC fans

  2. Michael has made hell of a run @170. I dont think he lost in 4 or 5 fights. He looks a lot better..
    He called out Cobly I kinda wanna see that. Michael has become a very high level grappler.
    I hope he gets a top 5 guy next.

  3. Francis big problem is that he is not technical and just uses brute power. That’s Joneses biggest advantage but I still see Francis winning that fight. Stipe is very technical and might win again against Francis. I think Stipe has bigger challenge fighting Jones and loses.

  4. Dustin also made a mistake saying he would go sell hot sauce if Dana insist on the Chandler fight. If I’m Dana my take away is Dustin will be a problem child if he becomes Champion and Chandler will be more cooperative. Dustin is clearly avoiding Chandler as that is a tough night out for him. I hope Dana gives him Olivera like he asked for and ends up getting choked out for running from Chandler. Chandler is very charismatic and will be a bigger star for the Company than Dustin selling way more PPV buys.

  5. Dustin should stop being a crybaby and fight Chandler. It is a fight Dana wants but Dustin wants to avoid with his weak excuses. Disappointed you guys mention everybody except Chandler to fight Dustin. Must be the “Homer” bias against a guy from Bellator. Stop it! He is with the UFC now and had a great debut that warrants him a title shot which many fans believes Chandler wins including me.

  6. To imply anything other factual based data supporting Mike Chiesa as the De Facto CHAMP would be nothing short of ludicrous. Think about it. Throw out all the metaphors. Get rid of all the candor the sarcasm and most definitely lose any and all analogies. Then ask , out loud, the only question that matters. Which is :

    Where Exactly does Kevin Lee fit into this?

    Uncle Chael Has Left The Chat

  7. I’m hoping these guys are getting paid their worth, being on the UFC channel rather than their own. These guys are great, two of my favorite fighters, and speak well. CTE not setting in yet

  8. No Michael, Conor doesn't deserve a title fight after getting knocked out. Charles Oliveira is on a 8 fight win streak don't fuck him over.

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