UFC Fighter will be STUCK for 6 weeks on Fight Island post UFC 257, Conor McGregor predicts UFC 257

UFC fighter six weeks on UFC Battle Island, Conor McGregor predicts UFC 257 bout with Dustin Poirier, Michael Chandler’s first UFC debut, Tony Ferguson his …

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34 thoughts on “UFC Fighter will be STUCK for 6 weeks on Fight Island post UFC 257, Conor McGregor predicts UFC 257

  1. Dustin better wrestle….no one can stand with Connor.
    But, if he wrestles, wears on Connor…
    We know Connor tires…
    I'm not sure which of the 2 will cut weight better.
    Kinda wish this was at 170lb…🤷‍♂️

  2. Dustin needs to be calm in this fight and let Connor come to him first round 2nd round Dustin puttin on pressure on Connor and possibly landing crazy combo and hurt Connor but Connor has a chin so he will survive 3rd round Dustin k.o Connor cuz connor is tired at that pints with all the proper 12 whiskey he been drinkin through Christmas and new year and that be it. DUSTIN MADE HISTORY 😊

  3. I have no problem with Dustin but Conor is a mma magician now and he will be trouble for anyone , a fast azz whooping is what I'm expecting.

  4. Leon Edwards should have 15% of Dan's commitment. He would have possibly added a win over Woodley and a nice check. But said he would have missed his family too much.

  5. lol Poirier your nose looking nice and bent from when Connor crushed it the first fight hopefully he can bend it back in place this time

  6. Is that new Tony Ferguson footage? I haven’t seen him look that good since he was about to fight khabib! Can’t wait! He wasn’t looking to good before his fights since gaethge

  7. Great Conor picking fights he knows he can win. If your so great… Noone's on your level…. then fight Masvidal. Wait… that's just tough talk while you pick off the easy ones you either already beat or are washed up… Donald cowboy Cerrone, Diego Sanchez, Frankie Edgar.. ect ect………… anybody Ella's see this… or noone sees the real… they just want their favorite fighter to win regardless of fighting the best… it's a joke what it's turned into

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