UFC Fight Island: Holloway vs Kattar Trailer | ''They Can All Get It'' | Axiom Films

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20 thoughts on “UFC Fight Island: Holloway vs Kattar Trailer | ''They Can All Get It'' | Axiom Films

  1. UFC’s first event of the year takes place on Sat, Jan 16, and will be headlined by No.1 ranked Max Holloway and No. 6 Calvin Kattar.

    Who wins, and how?

  2. This is the biggest fight of Kattar’s career, and as much as I like him, Max is gonna humble him and burst his bubble. Just my prediction.

  3. I love Max, but he doesn't look as hungry. I think the Poirier fight was a hard one on him and his body. It's the 3rd time Holloway says "I thought I did enough..", I remember him more confident, pressuring and going forward. Kattar is a dangerous fight, he was well on his way to beat Zabit… worried for Max.

  4. Great job as always yo!.

    Anyone else feel like Kattar has what it takes, and is gunna suprise a lot of people come fight night?

    I've got this feeling.

  5. it's hard to not root for both of these fighters. i want to see max claim the title back, but I also want to see kattar win. shit! if kickboxing than max would have slight advantages but if they just box I see kattar outbox max.

  6. IM NOT A "CASUAL" BEEN FAN WAY WAY BEFORE MCGREGOR ERA.. With that said I'm looking fwd to
    Max vs Kater more so than McGregor vs Poier.. Styles make fights, THIS IS GOING TO BE A BARN BURNER WITH TECHINIQUE!🖤"oh yes there will be blood"😈

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