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30 thoughts on “UFC Fight Island 8: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. Dustin gave McGregor a gift. It was Louisiana hot sauce. McGregor had the shits throughout the fight. Only real men can handle Louisiana hot sauce!!

  2. Michael I need a restraining order Rat Chiesa! Talk about being a punk and crapping on a Bus. And come on Michelle Chiesa you don't get to call out top athletes when you fight guys not close to the top Five!

  3. current welterweight rankings

    Colby Covington


    Gilbert Burns


    Leon Edwards


    Jorge Masvidal


    Stephen Thompson
    with Kamaru Usman as champion Chiesa's chances don't look good at becoming champion

  4. I know its part of MMA but laying on top of someone and holding him there isnt winning a fight..but wtf do i know right….it whas like watching kamaru footstomp usman fight against that BMF..again only controlling no fighting…maybe we can let wrestlers go on different days…on a monday or something lol

  5. Not many fans of Chiesa. All I remember was him talking trash to Kevin Lee and then snapped when Lee came back mentioning Chiesa's mom having a ticket to the fight. Don't start anything especially if you can't take what you dish out.

  6. Chiesa is a dull fighter, doesn't matter which division he is in. Should not be a main event ever, dull as dishwater – 11+ minutes lying on top of someone!

  7. Lol fight card was so booty I forgot it was on a Wednesday lol and I don’t like him ever since he cried and sued Conor for the bus incident

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