U.S. Records More Than 77,000 Covid Deaths in December | NBC Nightly News

December marked the nation’s deadliest month but within the pandemic. Throughout the nation, subject hospitals at the moment are being put in place to assist with the surge.

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31 thoughts on “U.S. Records More Than 77,000 Covid Deaths in December | NBC Nightly News


  2. ⁣All drug companies involved in COVID-19 vaccine production have been
    given permission to medicate people without facing any legal
    consequences where any people are harmed. This condition was insisted
    upon by Bill Gates. DNA contamination may not show up for several years
    or even generations, yet the government has seen fit to withdraw the
    legal protection from its population so that the drug companies can make
    a profit. This is an act of vile treachery and way beyond their remit
    as our elected representatives.

    The Medicines and Healthcare
    products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have accepted substantial payment from
    the Bill Gates Foundation for “collaborative work” on vaccines. It is
    no surprise when Bill Gates Vaccines needed to be approved for use in
    this nation that the UK was the first country in the world to approve
    these vaccines. This could never be construed as an arm’s length
    relationship with Bill Gates. So our regulatory agency has accepted
    bribes to distribute vaccines for Bill Gates.

    Be aware that our
    highly paid general practitioners have a financial interest in
    vaccinating as many people as possible. Every vaccination earns the GP
    £12.58 for giving one dose to a patient or £25.16 for giving both doses.
    These payments are shown in the NHS document entitled, ‘Enhanced
    Service Specification’, subtitled, COVID-19 vaccination programme
    2020/2021. This document was published December 1st under the approval
    001559 by NHS England and NHS Improvement. Linked here:

  3. There will be three types of people this month :

    1) Those who get vaccinated and have a card and most likely a video of it as they do it
    2) Those who refuse to get it and remain in the dark either confused or otherwise
    3) Those who lie about getting vaccinated

    I am from Capetown South Africa and today 9 members of my family have Covid. 🥺

  4. The pandemic is causing economic crisis which finally causing 3rd world war. let's have a party tonight to celebrate it ,Americans?

  5. I’m sorry but because of the lame duck presidents position that the death toll is exaggerated and because he and Giuliani drank blood to cure their Covid—folks of certain ethnicities don’t think it’s real and that it only affects affects the lessor races….lol

  6. I blame Trumpers just saying if anti maskers and conspiracy theorists get it together this plague would end sooner than later. If doctors and nurses are treating 20 COVID patients and we go in there everyone is going to suffer. I’m not going to even speak on the prominent medical facility my wife works in but yeah it’s bad. Stay safe folks this is just the beginning unfortunately. Also this isn’t going anywhere it’s going to be seasonal like the flu for a very long time. Blessings to all.

  7. People REMEMBER they said: if anyone has or had Covid at the time of death or had antibodies at the time of death, will be considered a covid fatality! So, just think about it, that language alone renders Covid, invincible!!! They already told us no vaccine will work because our death certificates will still list as a Covid death, regardless!

  8. When the world has some great ambitious persons to push all people to sorrow. The second war we got Hitler and in 2020 who is doing it? The human create Covid and the human himself is spreading the Covid. This pandemic is not spread normal like flu, malaria…. but the place has Covid depend on someone want it .look! A meeting between 2 parties why did onlybthe public governors get the Covid infection? the churches? The fathers, the nuns were Covid more than another places? Why? If you are the epidemiologist, you must put the question about this thing. Trump wins this election, his power will answer ,solve and destroy the pandemic. If we want this world return peacefully. Only him can do it .

  9. Are we still talking about the virus that has over 99% survival rate ? And the people that it affects happens to be older then the life expectancy in the u.s at over 78 yrs old ? , funny how we are not keeping track of the flue this season , wonder why ?

  10. But , at least there were no deaths form anything else. Only covid. No heart attacks , no auto deaths, no cancer deaths, no gun related deaths, no others of any kind, not even natural deaths by age…… Wow covid cures everything.

  11. Now you know why media never told you that Billy was from a billionaire family and that he never wrote any software.

  12. Catherine Austin Fittz- "These are not vaccines." They are a vehicle for world's governments final frontier of control and permanent surveillance. Your body.

  13. It's not could they will cause another super serge ye are a discrace to humanity America and ye are getting what ye deserve thanks to trump and ignorance God help the people that are going to lose their lives time is ticking hope ye had a great count down to 2020 because most of ye won't see 2021

  14. Atleast in Asia lots of people can continue their lives and careers. US has failed in how its dealing with the virus.

  15. Given the current situation, in which someone even wants to make the new vaccine mandatory, I reproduce here an extract of the following article contained in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) of 21/10/2020, which explains well the risks associated with the too hasty preparation of vaccines adopted in the emergency phase.
    Title – “Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren't designed to tell us
    BMJ2020; 371doi: https: //doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m4037 – Peter Doshi "
    Excerpt – “History shows many examples of serious adverse events from vaccines brought to market in periods of“ enormous pressure and expectation ”. There were contaminated polio vaccines in 1955, cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome in recipients of flu vaccines in 1976 and narcolepsy linked to a brand of flu vaccine "

    According to Doshi himself, however, in the statements made in a subsequent interview in November 2020, it is not reassuring that there are no greater specifications on the sample that underwent the experimentation, and nothing has been leaked about the effectiveness of the drugs in some important subcategories, for example the frail elderly.
    I also remember here that according to AIFA, FDA and The New England Journal the vaccine has these characteristics:
    a) it is not known "definitively" whether it prevents the manifestation of the disease.
    b) it is not known whether and for how long it provides protection;
    c) it is not known whether it can prevent the transmission of the virus from person to person;
    d) it is already well known, however, that it will not be able to immunize all vaccinated subjects;
    e) there are dangerous mutations of the virus that are not easily controlled, which will involve repeated vaccinations for years;

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