Two Proud Boys Indicted In Capitol Insurrection | NBC Nightly News

Officers accuse 43-year-old Dominic Pezzola and 31-year-old William Pepe of conspiring in opposition to and impeding regulation enforcement. There’s a debate about …

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24 thoughts on “Two Proud Boys Indicted In Capitol Insurrection | NBC Nightly News

  1. All this is BS. We the people own those buildings. All those people are suppose to work for us, protect the Constitution. I will not comply to any government order which is unconstitutional.

  2. I dind it very sad tgat the 'proud boys' a self excusing titie, cannot find their way to be proud men or yet still proud persons, sin ce they have nothing to be proud of in their behaviour. Stools perhaps and sadky the kindd of suckers that soldiers in action nnever were. Do you not renember that soldiers killed in defense of country and family were suckers? What was captain bone spurs doing with his service? And yet he sends you out to die for him. What of the vaccination debacle? That was non of Biden. Trump impeded with his non his non plan at every possiblity . And niw you know that the super rich have obtaitined vaccinations, and over 20 million vaccine opportunities have been unreported and presumably lost? Teump shiped them out to states passinng vaccination onto the respondibility ofvthe states them selves with no over riding accountability
    This is perjaps when do.nany people beed tge help and the cupboaers are empty. You proud boys could better serve your country in so many ways. In part by acknowkeding this dreadful pandemeic and finding ways to make something work
    EDPECIALLY yourselves.

  3. We need to vote her out like they say birds together flock together definitely a trump supporter she needs to go she's only trouble being in the Capital …All those Republicans that supported Trump checkmate!!!

  4. If the GOP are too afraid to do their job, they should just quit and build Covid-45 a Great Big Temple. Mexico will pay for it.

  5. Crazy how easily the people got rid of Kaepernick but unsurprisingly the people won't rid us of real bad people that are in position to continue to hurt our country. Not surprised but still a disgrace.

  6. Why indict them? Just shoot them.
    They're fascists so they agree in state sponsored summary execution. Take these Republicans at their word and oblige.

  7. There is fraud . You are all full of crap and you know it. The election was fraud. Trump won. And you stupid people who lie to yourselves or believe the lies from the main stream media your all sheep and deserve what you sew

  8. So, Trump is best buds with the craziest Q believing member of Congress now? They seem like a great fit. Melania, get out the pre-nup. Donald has found your replacement!

  9. 43 and 31 year old 'boys' that's how these fools identify themselves as boys. That just doesn't seem to be something to be proud of.

  10. I don't know how sensible people in the Republican party are oblivious to the damage these crazies are doing to the party. Between the right wing terror groups and crazies who after 61 failed court cases they still refuse to accept the result, the party might never recover. Least we forget Trump cried foul before a single vote was cast something he also did in the run up to the 2016 election. Of course he won that election so his claims of rigged elections was promptly forgotten so anyone with a brain can see he is playing games with Democracy.

  11. How tf is there a white nationalist group with a Cuban guy as the leader that's affirmative action at it's best and shows we slowly coming along together

  12. Giving her a seat on the education is an abomination. It's a clear indication the Republican leadership is saying FU to the rest of the nation.

  13. Isn't it amazing how quickly and easily Republicans have moved on from this piece of news. If the Democrats have done this, the Republicans would be red hot screaming mad and would want to talk about nothing else.

  14. Everyone of trumps cult terrorist belongs in prison for 20 years. Guilty of crimes against America lock up trump.

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