Twitter Permanently Suspends MyPillow CEO For Election Misinformation | NBC News NOW

Twitter completely suspended MyPillow CEO and Donald Trump ally Mike Lindell for repeated violations of Twitter’s election misinformation coverage. NBC Information’ …

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29 thoughts on “Twitter Permanently Suspends MyPillow CEO For Election Misinformation | NBC News NOW

  1. Marxist tyrant government big tech censoring and blocking citizens from speaking their mind unless there antifa planning riots then they let them stay on social media

  2. 🎶You don't remember me but I remember you, it weren't too long ago you and Trump broke my heart in two! Tears on my pillow pain in my heart over you🎶🎙️😎😂

  3. What happened to the days where we would teach our children to respect, people who were different, or that had different opinions then our own?? Too much critisizing every thing !

  4. Twitter -is following order from China Xi-jinpong—soon it will be no ''Freedom of speech"!—-say wrong about the "Gov't., you'll be 'lock up''….and investigated!!

  5. Perhaps a new app called “My Pillow” that allows you to say whatever you want but you can only share it with yourself, like yourself and tag yourself.
    Let it all out…

  6. Frackin BROWN SHIRTS. Look! It does not matter if you are a trumper or not Where is this Train going to stop? This is what China or Nazi Germany did/is doing to silence their citizens. It starts here. STOP and THINK about it. Are you guys that weak minded? That someone's opinion hurts you that much? These so called open source forums are not going stop with this guy. If you are not a SHEEPLE! "Sheeple definition is – people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced : people likened to sheep." and, If you think different then they do (you are out of there……) People you are losing your voice and don't even know it. I really hope you guys are not that BLIND……….Just Sayin!

  7. I heard his pillows are filled with crack. I guess that is why he claims his pillows cure every disease known to man. This claim is as valid as his election fraud claims. Look at this guy. He bought crack less than 1 day ago.

  8. YAY for censorship of people we disagree with! 🙌🏾

    Just so y'all know, Facebook just recently banned UK's Socialist Party on Fb. If you think you are on the "right side of history" and censorship won't reach you, think again.

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