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21 thoughts on “TVJ News: Domestic Dispute Turns Deadly – FEB 15 2019

  1. Ladies don't pick up any men off the internet to marry !!! You don't know their background or anything about them apart from what they tell you…….No matter how lonely or needy you are, leave them alone……….As to the patients that need to leave the hospital, how about buying some of the large homes that returning residents had to run wey and leave, make "boarding houses" out of them for the abandoned patients. Time to free up the hospital beds for sick people…………

  2. It ain’t nothing but a low down dirty shame if a woman 👩 is over me and been moved on. I be happy to go my way live my life and forget about her and cares nothing about what she doing and who she’s with!!!

  3. Cornwall regional idelroy fray,is what kinda foolishness he is saying,them to find place to put the abandon people dem like poor house.i am not sure how they do things if the persons are well then you just discharge them ,if they need mental help or are homeless then there should be a place they cam send them ,makes no sense what he is saying

  4. The benefits of possession of a gun outweighs not being in possession . Time to change fines and sentences.

    HOSPITALS should file
    Charges of ABANDONING WHENEVER Patience/clients ARE NOT CLAIMED. Or institute a financial deposit. RICH USA DONT PLAY with hospitals FUNDS.

  5. Why dont the Government/hospital seek out we these persons live and provide for transportation. Ensure also that these person get path benefits or something.

  6. Thanks for sharing my 💕SWEET SWEETJAMAICAN 🇯🇲 PRINCESS💕🇯🇲💕 ⭐💕ANDREA💕⭐🌾🌻🌾⭐

  7. Ban guns, have a gun buy back program, secure our borders. No Jamaican should have any business killing another Jamaican and guns are tools meant to kill. We don't need them.

  8. Parents at the hospital that has been abandon?? Who is this Hamite
    Jamaica don’t have their own doctors?
    Your brothers in Cuba are doctors
    Doctor Fried you hate black people

    Jamaica you will learn the hard way

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