TVJ Midday News: Ruel Reid, Pinnock Judicial Review Rejected – December 24 2019

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32 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: Ruel Reid, Pinnock Judicial Review Rejected – December 24 2019

  1. We are waiting for God's kingdom to do what man's can't do, we are living in the last days as God's word tells us, so what they say will not come to pass, 2Timothy 3:1-5.

  2. Harris Chang
    Must be profiting from this
    He is so stupid
    Listen to his statement only a fool could stay that shxxt. This guy is killing me

  3. Them a play with them man deh man send them to Cuba U can even make them leave with them gun them couldn't even Fire one shot deh what Jamaica government is doing is playing cute to Protect image the white people say U must not do this it's against human rights but on the other hand them same people a label Ur country has murder capital smh U thing them can ever label Cuba has the murder capital when murder is impossible in Cuba never so to all the people who can't understand why the government can't stop crime in Jamaica it is because Ur government is obeying the UN and other foreign governments like England that against hinging

  4. Dr Chang remember we are a party of action and not bag of mouth,, we want to see action so please don’t say too much,, for Jamaica cannot continue down this road where people are killed every day,, we would like to see a great change in the New Years by god help

  5. I'm curious to know just how many of those murders were contract killings.. gov should offer criminals double of whatever a person wud pay to have some1 killed in exchange 4 who's hiring. It's hard to stamp out crime without interfering with ppl's rights. U have to get into "dictatorship mode" & that's a no no.

  6. Transfer Christopher Tufton to national security and make him the minister. Nothing seems to be working so Tufton and his PR machinery might just do the trick!!!

  7. I can bet the opposition can be apart of these murder cross the country. To make the ruling party looks bad…
    I strongly believe it can be apart of it…

  8. the Bible state that fraud and violence never
    leave the street each person have to find God that is inside of them

  9. I would like to know what that of mechanisms that the minister of national security Dr Horace Chang, is going to implemented. It is only a month talk because it is the easiest thing to say,but to do it is a different alternatives. Because the most mechanisms should be in place since the JLP party government took over power, is more police vehicles should be delivered to the police stations across Jamaica and.
    All now the police stations across does not received them all now, so the police being hampered by the lack of vehicles.
    To do their job more properly, when there I a crime in progress and. Someone called for help the police stations across Jamaica have adequate amount of vehicles to, responded to the crimes scene immediately.
    Unless if the minister of national security Dr Horace Chang can turned over the vehicles, to the police stations across Jamaica.
    That the police is properly mobile with reliable vehicles, so they can be on the scene, as quickly as possible.
    Without that, the situation is dead,dead,because there is no vehicles to patrolling the streets.Or respond to the crimes scene in a flash, the victims does haveto waited for hours and. No response to the scene from the police un time, that is one of the main factors affecting the effectiveness of trying to controlling crimes.
    That ministry is way bigger than Horace Chang, he has no knowledge about how security is done.
    What some people failed to understand ,that not because a per may holds a degree. It not every job is really suitable for, because he or she didn't trained, or study into that field.
    We are going to hold the minister of national security accountable on his promises for the new year,because I know. It is only a promise to keep the people more relaxed, for the coming year, and nothing more.

  10. He denied there was dengue in the country…now look how many people died from dengue now there's malaria and he is saying no need for concern….tufton rewind and come again do your Job

  11. So I want to know if the poor doesn't have feeling too….losing their loved ones to hoodlums bout counselling….hmm

  12. Why Africa? How quickly you label our black community. Jamaicans politicians in the JLP believe they are white.
    Tufton always deny the dengue seem he is doing the same with the malaria.

  13. 3/4 of Jamaicans are traumatised from the amount of crime they witnessed, loss of family from dengue, murders, accidents. Sad politicians are enjoying what is happening.

  14. Jamaica, Jamaica, young and mature men. Build up your country, stop destroying it, I was born and raise there. I always enjoyed coming home for vacation, no more. Jamaicans abrade need to stop supporting the criminals and mudras, get out and work to build up your country, I love my country, my heart is crying out that it will get better. As for the people who make the negative comments, stop, we are educated people. Miss world has lift us up to the world, people, people, do your best and stop the killings. A very merry Christmas to beloved Jamaica.

  15. Didn't they say that last year, that the crime rate last year would not so pass this year, and we also here in the past that we could sleep with our doors and windows open.

  16. Why the Jamaican politicians continue to make all these pronouncements about crime and violence in Jamaica?? Do they have any control over the people who carry out these senseless act?? As long as the guns still remains the way we solve our problems in Jamaica crime will never go down in this country..

  17. There is nothing that this so call health minister said that must be taken into consideration he is a clown he is totally out of his league just pure chat chat chat he is going around in circle chasing after his tale like a bro 🐩 👎bunch a buffoon.

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