Tutorial: Dead island main theme-Piano

For Senem ;D I promise that quickly I´ll come again to add piano movies :p An easy track and really lovely. Possibly it´s not very appropriate for play it in keyboard …

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28 thoughts on “Tutorial: Dead island main theme-Piano

  1. i think music is a crucial aspect of a game, it brings the feeling you want to make, this as violent and scary was one of my favorite games

  2. Whoa Whoa WHOA! Hold your horses. The Final Fantasy franchise started with video games, whatever came after, was based upon those video games, with all due respect mister assassin.

  3. was this some program u used on the keyboard or something? I want 2 learn how to play this but most of these vids here make it pretty hard 2 play because i cant see wht notes they are using and their fingers r in the way! can you tell me?
    oh and nice work.

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