Trump's defense attorney gives emotional reaction to impeachment acquittal

Former President Trump’s protection lawyer Michael Van Der Veen says since taking up the impeachment case his home, household and enterprise has been “beneath …

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46 thoughts on “Trump's defense attorney gives emotional reaction to impeachment acquittal

  1. You expect this greedy skewed “lawyer” to recognize that what truly happened represents the most heinous, vicious treasonous act ever committed by a president?…..give me a break…..he “won” his case only because of a bunch of coward republicans could not summon the courage to vote their conscious………fox fair and balance?…..again give me a break. Trump will face civil litigation so this doesn’t stop here.

  2. HE DID NOT WIN ANYTHING, the Republicans said way in advance that they would NOT Convict Trump just like the last time, which is why it's NOT Fair that he's being harrased, but he's behaving all Happy about Trump Not being convicted by the same Republicans who were complicit & guilty of inciting the riot with Trump. They did not Convict him, because convicting TRUMP would be Convicting themselves. He would take them down with him. They were there inciting the riot right along with Trump some even took part in the insurrection.

    Their Republican leader McConnell who convinced all but 7 Not to Convict said the man is responsible for inciting the Insurrection just so the American people know.

    Republican Senators Do Not want to lose their Seats by losing Support of Trump's voters. They want the House & Senate in 2022 Election and plan to Run 2024 for the Presidency. This was Political & about their Careers. Trump's guilty regardless of them being afraid to convict that's what many of you all don't understand. The DOJ & FBI, Georgia… etc. are Not done with him yet. This is not over… no one is gonna Sweep this under the Rug to make it seem OK.

  3. Love this guy. To bad this was not a criminal trial. I would pay to see him depose Pelosi, Biden, Harris. Send the guard to his house. Best line of all when he ended his interview with the slanted media. CITIZEN! Then tossed the mic.

  4. ❤💥👍CHRISTrump'sLegalImpeachmentTeam and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  5. Following this decision we must be even more on our guard against the tyranny of kings! The worship of one man over the constitution and Republic is the threat all democracies face. Only our vigilance can help protect our nation from the populist mob and autocrats.

  6. He’s got life in his eyes, unlike the opposition. You can tell who’s who just by looking in their eyes. That’s because this is a spiritual battle.

  7. I hope they showed every instance of a Democrat standing at a podium telling people directly to riot (sorry… 'protest') and harass any Republicans they see out in public.

    This happened repeatedly over the past five years, and not a single Democrat has ever been charged with incitement, even with the destruction, assaults and even murders that resulted..

  8. Not that it wasn't! But this is the same type of speech you hear from professional athletes after winning a championship, it really is incredible! Great job by these lawyers!!!

  9. I hope he has a CCTV so those who vandalized his home and threaten his family and law firm will be prosecuted! Just shows you what kind of people are these Democrats or there defenders!

  10. we the people thanks you all and every one of the lawyers defending all of us.
    Great job Great Honest people. Our gratitude to you is a life commitment. Our prayers are for you and your family. This is AMERICA Land of Great people , GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  11. An attorneys attorney! Dead pan, emotionless "just the facts ma'am" sort of guy. If I needed and could afford him I would hire him!

  12. this man is so down and sad i think he finally understood that this case is not the chance he believed it was and that he destroyed his reputation in america completely. i feel with him i have to say, allthought he lied and manipulated the audience. (yes all you fox decieved people of the god of hate, there are people who CAN honestly feel with the bad guys. i know all of you dont get that. the only feeling you can have for the bad ones is hate)

  13. You would think that since these dirtbags stole the elections and they got their puppet in there to do their dirty work and they control the House and Senate that they would just move on. No no they will never be happy because Donald Trump is still alive and they just can’t seem to put him away. I don’t know why anyone in this country that knows the truth and see what’s going on, I don’t know why they would Continue to vote for these dirtbags that is only tearing our country apart and they only cares about is staying in power and scratch each other’s back. People need to stop watching the bias MSM and boycott them until they start telling the truth and let us decide for ourselves but they want to do our thinking for us and that’s Socialism and communism.

  14. Not only American citizens, but we all from all over the world owe him. Thank you for your brave heart to stand up for all of us.

  15. Oh please. McConnell told the story. Traitors that have castrated the constitution. So numb, you don't even know it yet. SMH

  16. Excellent job by THIS ATTORNEY! he was the only person there to protect our Constitution and rule of law!! Thank you Sir!

  17. Thank you so much for the absolutely fine job you did of proving that Trump was not guilty of anything that warranted impeachment. You, sir, are an inspiration because of this and the fact that you understand how far politicians and the 'so called' media will go to spread their lies. Thank you again!

  18. I love this guy. Takes a lot of balls. I hope he knows we appreciate him!!!! America loves you and stay genuine don't let the swamp people get u down!

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  20. Michel Van der veen. This is just the kind of guy whom we people all over the world had always respected as American with integrity, duty and bravely like Gary Cooper in “High noon”.
    Seemingly very rare in US now.
    But I found the one.

  21. He was a great lawyer. I like how he defended President Trump. He proved how they were very fraudulent in their evidence. I wish the Congress could be indicted for what they did with the “evidence”. They should all be impeached, tried, and sentenced to the full extent of the law for treason.

  22. So heartbreaking to hear this man say that they’re attacking his home and business. Apparently there’s no law for all the liberals and big tech. Please don’t delete those who also have a right to speak

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