Trump’s Attorneys Preview Impeachment Trial Defense | NBC Nightly News

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31 thoughts on “Trump’s Attorneys Preview Impeachment Trial Defense | NBC Nightly News

  1. Now that we can impeach private citizens , we must impeach Johnny Depp ,Obama's ,Harry Reed . And then we can start impeaching all the National Socialist Democrats starting with Chicom Biden & Pelosi !

  2. The Supreme Court must be in disbelief that Republicians Senator's a few have really no disregard for this Country & there seats that they sit in to protect our liberties just been destroyed so SAD

  3. This is bull Republicians they are throwing you under the bus Hawley Cruz Rubio Jordan are blaming you the protesters so you see they don't care about you Now you are going to jail for him/them

  4. The riot was caused by election fraud. This trial is just a distraction from the Supreme Court hearing cases next week that might reverse Biden's electoral votes, and expose yet more Democrat lying.

  5. Show me unedited, uninterrupted video of President Trump doing wrong. Because I haven't seen it yet. I've heard lots of opinions and stories. A few clips stuck together to cause a person to draw a conclusion. Just a bunch of talk from a lotta idiots.

  6. What a disgrace insatiable Democrats clinging for power, keep on stubbing Pres Trump for 4 yrs and beyond his Presidency will only come blessed by the grace of God who we Americans can trust.would remain resolved and be back strong and dependable to protect this country from Devils devouring creature ,

  7. The elite operation consequentially tame because effect simulteneously trust for a helpless wilderness. fabulous, elite multimedia

  8. Such a waste of time. We have important matters to attend to and we are still focused on the previous president still. Trump only ever told the rioters to go home and he denounced them as well. This is all just a ploy to disable Trump's ability to run again. Such a shame.

  9. Medal of Honor

    74 Pentagon generals addressed the Senate with a statement and a request to present Donald Trump with the Medal of Honor.

    For the campaign against the terrorist Islamic State.

    The note about the presentation for the award contains the testimonies of the soldiers who were on the battlefield.

    One soldier writes. When President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden lost the war in Syria, the terrorist Islamic State immediately emerged and threatened the democracy and security of American citizens.

    Thanks to President Donald Trump and a Ukrainian specialist Shulyachenko S who has developed and successfully carried out a special Operation Drone. Operation Drone was supported by the UN and was successful. And brought America Great Glory and safety (Great America, Strong America).

    The Army and Navy believe that Biden does not know how to fight, and he cannot be trusted with such a high position.

    This is recorded for the Senate.This is a constitutional petition.

    The Queen of Britain is ready to make Donald Trump the Knight

  10. Trump not only the biggest national embarrassment in United States History and the biggest failure in American history but has left America absolutely shattered into pieces and vunerable to every new outbreak if the coronavirus and every new deadly strain that comes out continues to show Americans and World Leaders how much of a catastrophic mistake Trump was to our way of life and the human race as a whole with his failed policy's that keep hovering every turn we go to try and rebuild America and it's way of life and to heal from this Murderous Wallstreet Swamp Tyrant who caused the most cowardly act in United States History ever and held are Democracy hostage by Nazi Qunan Terrorist nutcases who attack are Homeland and threatened are freedom and constitutional law and made us the sickest weakest nation on earth under the control of the new modern day Hitler Donald The Coward Virus Trump and his evil Qunan Nazi Henchmen who wanted to destroy America and enslave are people under this Nazi Qunan movement and anybody who didn't agree with it would end up in Trump's body count if death which stands now at 478,000 and counting

  11. Donald Trump ordered his hardcore followers to Washington. There Trump, his sons and Giuliani spoke in front of these people and everyone who spoke urged the people to fight. Then when Trump said they should fight for their country and they should go to the Capitol, it was like a direct order from the President to all of these people. These people would also have killed MPs had they not been brought to safety. Trump and his clan then watched what happened in a safe room. They saw exactly what was happening and still they did not call the National Guard. The Republican MPs were also in mortal danger and they should finally realize that. Trump would not have cried for any of these people if they had been killed. He clearly expected this to happen. For this reason, Trump and his sons as well as Giulian are guilty of treason in the country and must be punished.

  12. What is the dealeo? Lifelong Democrat-Turned Republican Donald Trump is Saying all these Nasty Things, about democrats?? I don't get it. All his Life, He's contributed Almost Exclusively to Democrats and Democrat Causes. Now, he's Biting the Hand that Feeds Him, So to speak. It Just doesn't make Any sense. Doesn't make any sense At All, Does it.

  13. It's a shame that it has gotten this far, when the people of the house need or goverment the most, that the ones that have been in office way too long think they own it an can step on any one they want, well I just want to say one thing I wouldn't want to be them on judgement day cause it says in the word JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED , BUT IN ALL THINGS GIVE AN FREELY GIVE LOVE, I PRAY THAT THOSE IN THE HIGH PLACES REPENT cause the day is at Hand.

  14. When will the McDonald's fries clog trumps brain and start his long goodbye? With Alzheimer's!
    Poetic justice!

    Trump can spend his days taking the leaves out of the swimming pool in florida.
    Like Reagan did!

  15. Schoen and Castor, whose side were they on today???!!!
    Boring. Rambling. Dull!!! And about as on point as the Three Stooges might have been had they been presenting arguments.
    Or was that the point? That there is no defense for what Trump did?

    While Trump can't be removed from office, yeah we get that, but he certainly can be prevented from ever holding office again— because of his past egregious (and loose canon) behaviors! And that is the ENTIRE point of this circus!

    Trump is not happy with his defense attorneys yet he is not willing to speak in his own defense. Who else knows as well as he does, what was going on?

    Hitler could have been turned out of office but wasn't. Not by his followers with their unending adulation. So the idea that voters can be counted on to do the right thing is just not, nor can it be, the final, fail safe, backstop to our system of government. With the wrong person elected someone with evil intent can hijack our very system of governance, and our country in general, if not in total!
    Our constitution does not cover such a situation. If an evil doer is elected. It does not address how such an occurance should be addressed when the elected person is a Svengali! Other than with the 25th amendment, which only works if there is a country or constitution first apparatchik in the co-pilot's seat. Which is clearly not a given. Don't forget the mob was adamant in looking for Trump's co-pilot, and not to have tea with him. But rather, to put his head on a pike!
    How close did they come to doing that?
    Within 100 feet! How many bullets did the secret service have with them that day? Certainly not enough to repel that entire crowd. For some in the mob were armed, too. A fire could have killed many due to smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning. The bodies would have been piled high. On both sides. Or from all sides!!!
    If Trump is not barred from holding office now then he needs to stand trial in US criminal court along with his buddies, not the least of which would include Giuliani, and some Trump family members who were caught up in the excitement of that period, goading adherents to take action.
    If it were me i would rather be barred from future office rather than be in some sort of club-fed prison for inciting a riot, promoting insurrection or whatever charges are appropriate in this bizzare and embarrassing episode of Americsn history.

    When an American president is legitimately being compared to and with the train wreck of manipulated voters of Hitler and to Hitler himself then you know something has gone terribly wrong
    within our system of goverment and within this country.
    To want an emotional cripple to lead this country, again, to allow such a person to occupy our highest office for another 4 years allowing him the possibly of further subversion is totally unthinkable. And unstoppable from what we have seen these past 4 years and especially when viewed from the actions of many in the 3 or 4 months prior to the inauguration in mid-January, 2021.
    Whether in the US Senate or in a criminal court Trump needs to answer for the mob he whipped into action this past January. No matter the time and financial costs involved. Someone with Trump's mind set needs to be stopped one way or another. And stopped so no one else can think it is possible to derail the American dream.

  16. " I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."donald j trump jan 6 2021 rally transcript speech!House.

    “I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent…..” Trump tweeted .

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