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47 thoughts on “Trump Vows To Continue To Oppose Election Results | NBC News NOW

  1. Trump represents America, Freedom and Truth. Biden represents China, Communist control and Corruption. God Bless America.

  2. Hi,
    Faced with the dramatic and shameful events on Capitol , America must immediately end the function of D. Trump, who is entirely responsible for it.
    In a democracy, you have to accept the results of the elections.
    Let us be reasonable, intelligent and courageous in certifying this verdict of the people, even if this verdict obtained only a simple vote to make the majority.
    This is the rule of universal suffrage.
    Another rule: all the culprits – Trump or whoever – are obliged to answer to the Justice .
    Let's try to build a "Better World " by reading our eBook in KDP, Amazon. Friendly.

  3. Sorry, but if you haven't seen this coming as a safety expert, then you better get retrained. For weeks, months, they had been working towards January 6 as the "day of truth," the moment when all previous failures would be erased and the Republican majority in the Senate would appoint Trump as president. For weeks Trump has been hinting at the efforts of his armed supporters to reinforce that. For months, those supporters have shown at the BLM demonstrations and riots that they also want to use real violence. For months, Trump and his supporters have shown that they live in an alternate reality and care about the laws of the country. This storm was foreseeable! Bush Jr. said about "this happens in a banana republic, not with us". I am afraid that he and many in the American establishment have not yet fallen penny that this is how a country becomes a banana republic. I hope they will finally really realize that!

    These last days of Trump mark his entire term as President: An administration full of misconduct, corruption and illegal activity with no regard for the law and no fear of consequences. Failure to hold Trump accountable to the law would mark a profound politicization of the justice system, one that would call into question the legitimacy of the rule of law. The main characteristic of a morbid democracy is to allow crimes committed by the powerful to go unpunished. Compliance with laws is not voluntary, nor is enforcement of consequences based on who is breaking them. The Democrats' refusal to prosecute obvious crimes has not only politicized and undermined the rule of law in the past, but also caused their own political defeat in 2016, allowing those same Republicans to return more brutally than ever. That same mistake shouldn't happen again!

  4. Our people American is not United anymore,with all my respect to our president he did a good job of inviting trump supporter to come over to support him but they get into a wrong idea and that’s not our president fault.President Trump is a good world leader as everyone knows

  5. The fake media and all these people you guys don't look up in one thing and that is the good things he has done in his 4 years
    He wanted his American cittizens first so they can all get jobs secondly he built the economy so strong which Biden and Obama could not do in 8 yeras. He also strethened the US Armed forces!! You guys really need to start appreciating the good he has done! In the coming days Biden will take over and the chinese will be the happiest in the world!! they will take over US in the future.
    And i want to use this and give my prediciton for 20Jan 2021

    But till that time take care and stay safe everyone!

  6. So today he says he will concede??? We all should be extremely worried about what he has up his sleeve. Probably why they are trying to remove him ASAP lol.

  7. You liberals are going to regret Biden. You are too stupid to even realize you are being played. You like to be told what to do. You enjoy businesses being shut down, schools closed and broken families. You will get your wish. Every one of you fools. All you liberals are blindly led by the media/facebook and twitter and have no independent thought. I feel pity for you.

  8. donald duck you have committed treason against the American People.
    You will pay for your wrongs in the Court. You have done so many bad things
    to America, there must be something you can be charged for.
    But time will tell on you.You are a selfish evil demon.

  9. Trump & family & Rudi should leave America on the Trump plane for a country that would take them ( I believe Russia has at least one Golf course).

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  11. Tranquilizer dart – elephant size, straight jacket, six burly guys, crazy bus, looney bin! Yep, that's what's needed.

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  13. Please read and let us together fight against the party of the Devil through education. You will find out why all the Non-Shia Muslims in the world have been deceived by the Devil and Her chosen evil leaders and they do not know it. Please tell everyone in the world to read it. Thank you and God bless you…

  14. Trump you're now an ex-president and the enemy of America, trump organise a coup with domestic terrorist to storm capitol hill. President don't do things like that only a narcissistic. Biden will be 46 president, trump and his…. Brainless, spineless follower need to accept the future and move on.

  15. Good because the fraud was obvious we even got to watch it on TV and then to top it off just likes to Democrats like to do they change the Constitution not legal all them votes are no good. Where is Hunter Hoover Biden yeah🖕

  16. The world powers can proceed with leading the world straight into global communism and absolute tyranny now that Trump won’t be president to slow them down. Public and private debt will destroy what’s left of America, while Rothschild’s Israel and China take over the rest of the world economically and financially.

  17. Interesting to see how people aren’t more concerned about what is happening. What logistically happens when a president refuses to concede? The potential outcome of this is horrifying

  18. There is evil people in this world. One thing I like about Trump is he brought the evil in people to the Forefront. The darkness was always there. He gave them a platform. Told them it was okay, condoned it. It was always there but it has been front and center for all to see.

  19. if Trump was to get a second term what would happen when this term was up , would he have rules to the presidency changed and fitted to his own needs again so he could do a third? I wonder if there is maybe another name for this ? just sayin. Kinda sounds like something that happened 90 years ago.

  20. Think now you should remove this nut from power. Two weeks is a long Time with this crazy wanna be dictator. A padded cell is where he should be.


  22. The narcissistic Orange Moron always finds a way, every day, to lower the bar. It’s about 6,520 feet below sea level currently. 🌊

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