Trump Voters In Ohio Contend With Election Loss, Capitol Riot | NBC News NOW

NBC’s Kate Snow speaks to Ohio’s Trump voters about his voter fraud claims, the Capitol siege, and what they count on from a Biden presidency. » Subscribe to …

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47 thoughts on “Trump Voters In Ohio Contend With Election Loss, Capitol Riot | NBC News NOW

  1. Ppl who didn't call for healing while their peers asked for executions, and who watched this all build up to a boiling point, without thinking of healing, suddenly want healing now, because healing actually refers to a course of action beneficial to them.
    Shameless bs.

  2. We will never “heal” if they don’t convict the treasonous trump.

    Our democratic republic will suffer unrepairable damage, world wide.

  3. "I don't care if the fraud was wide spread or little spread" WTF? If there was little fraud than that means it didn't affect the out come. What the heck do these people want. Absolute perfection?

  4. Same people who didn’t believe the Ohio state wrestlers who told Jim Jordan about sexual abuse. These people keep Jordan in office. Nothing to see here

  5. Why are these people allowed out in public? Don't they research what they read? The fact a teacher believes Trump is perhaps more worrying. OMG these people are really down the IQ scale.

  6. Well….good for some of these people actually thinking, considering what they have seen. Instead of what they were told. And thinking in a way the govt was created to run.

  7. Even though this is being reported through the media. The media is also the blame for the confusion, because some channels are extremely biased on how they report. Meaning they flat out lie about what they report instead speaking on truth discovered through investigative reporting.

  8. I cried when Hillary lost and they laughed so…I'm laughing now in thier faces!Ha ha ha
    These Republicans on here sound stupid!

  9. You should probably expect strict material evidence proving Joe Biden actually lost the election before believing it. But whatever. LOL. I am just saying, conservatives, you are NEVER going to live this down, and nobody in their right mind wants to be associated with this crazy stuff either. So you really are isolated as these people say and, to the guy who said he doesn't know who to believe anymore, I would suggest starting with disbelieving his own cognitive dissonance.

  10. So Trump says go jump off a bridge and y’all do it and then he walks away and says I don’t wanna have anything to do with those criminals go back and watch his video of how he responded when y’all got arrested his response was they are criminals they should be prosecuted but yet you’re saying he sent you there so you really need to pay attention to what he’s really saying about you

  11. Hold up what about the people sitting in jail with no bail because five people died so they will go to jail for that and President Trump will sit in his million dollar home on the beach and have no consequences. I don’t think they should impeach him I think that they should try him like the other 400 people that are being tried and he should pay the consequences for a crime that was committed to ultimately ended in five peoples deaths. It’s that simple wake up people died just because they weren’t related to you does it mean they weren’t people and what if it was your family member that was killed you’d be thinking a whole lot different right now

  12. They are are all still awaiting on that Trump promise for that GM plant to reopen, not happening. It's calling and wanting to sign up for dial up internet while G5 is rolling out, also not happening. Thinking of people like this is why the DEMS want to put tons of $$$ behind Education.

  13. These people have brain damage. Trump was president he controlled the justice department FBI and everything else there was no evidence of election fraud get over it

  14. Crazy how Trump has actually increased white on white violence rather than white on brown as intended and expected 📉📈

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