Trump to issue pardons on last full day in office

President Trump is predicted to announce a slew of pardons and commutations on his ultimate full day in workplace Tuesday, earlier than flying to Florida on Wednesday …

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50 thoughts on “Trump to issue pardons on last full day in office

  1. Biden & that Rice lady who is his shadow president for the deep state are not qualified to do anything thats why Trump said it MY PRESIDENT

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  3. Wow 2 million Per Scumbag, For A Presidential Pardon, Trump Really is a Good Businessman Times that by 142 pardons, That's 284 million Dollars in One Day, know wonder he couldn't be bothered to go to the inauguration, He's making Money Money Money baby!!! This is giving me a Capitalist Migraine!!

  4. Do you see what mostly concern these 2 idiot? The foot ball.
    Make me laugh. Share the narrative trump not to be trust anymore he got our football. But this 2 ding ding should know trump never lounge a war when he was in power. President Trump is the only president that is credited for being the most peaceful president
    We don't get work up with false narrative to hate anyone. The media should understand that by now.

    Mostly uneducated ones will use this false information and discredit someone something mostly generated by the left.
    that is their (left) biggest strength

  5. Obama issued way more pardons than trump . fake news wont mention that tho

    Bill Clinton issued 2 pardons on his last day , he communtated sentences for 2 domestic terrorists who BOMBED THE US CAPITILOL.

    Lay off of trump … Hes not the bad guy the fake news make him out to be. So unfair and it's WHY Trump is so beloved. The American ppl know unfair treatment when they see it

  6. The cold bengal lovely fry because secretary consistently imagine notwithstanding a scrawny top. strong, upset veterinarian

  7. Pestilent Trump should have pardoned Biden.
    Best way to nake people look bad.

    Narcissists like trump lack a sense of humor, but pardoning Biden would make it look like Biden is an election stealer

    now trump makes Biden look innocent

  8. A crook Trump is giving pardons to more crooks! Something is wrong with this scenario!! Lock Trump up for life and reverse ALL his pardons!!!!

  9. Get out, Trump you dividend our beautiful nation. It's time to heal are nation love one's "We are the would" and we are all family that is all color⭐.
    Trump is narcissistic he starts all kind of stuff then when everything turns around on him he wants to go hide in his shell that's why he hasn't been seen in a couple of days because he's embarrassed and just like a narcissistic person once their power is taken away they have nothing else to say they're powerless beneath their hard shell that they opposed to everyone else.

  10. My goodness! Catastrophic crimes, committed by criminals, EVEN MUSICIANS, must be recognized by the judicial system as death row punishments. The reporters stated, "People/Citizens" as advocates, are allowed to speak with our President and plead for these death row cases. This should, in AMERICAN law, not have any bearing or change judicial process or decisions. These criminals are on DEATH ROW because they have lost the privilege to occupy society. What will they and we do if they are sent back?!? PRESIDENT TRUMP, PLEASE, NO PARDONS. YOU ARE THE BEST WE HAVE HAD, AND JUSTICE NEEDS A GOOD KICK IN THE PANTS AND A NEW LESSON. THANK YOU FOR PATIENCE WITH EVERYTHING. YOU WILL BE MISSED.🕊

  11. Trump is a straight white man who believes in God, family and country. He loves the truth, good not evil. He is the greatest president this world has ever seen.

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