Trump statement says there will be transition of power, but fails to condemn violence

In an announcement in a single day, President Trump acknowledged that President-elect Joe Biden will take over on January 20th, however he nonetheless disputed the election outcomes.

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34 thoughts on “Trump statement says there will be transition of power, but fails to condemn violence

  1. How many times Trump condemned violence, over and over again, when the Democrats were promoting violence on camera in front of the whole world, but at least you guys get a good paycheck to lie about the facts, fake media you guys are 3/4 of the problem.

  2. This is Fake news , those are just the facts LMAO, this is not over yet, get your popcorn ready, justice coming for the traders

  3. Wow, you guys have NO problem just straight up lying! Trump made a special video condemning the breach of the Capital & then personally threatened to put people who were involved in it, in prison for a minimum of ten years. He said it was "disgusting & unacceptable & people will be caught & prosecuted". And here you guys are, lying about what he said, once again. I'm purely amazed people still watch & believe so many news outlets. They have NO problem lying to the American people, about anything they want to, as long as it fits they're narrative. Where do they find these "reporters", who have no issues with lying to they're viewers?? Any idiot can go online & find out that Trump condemned these acts yesterday, but the media will still treat people like they're not going to find out. Well I guess they do have many viewers who don't research stuff themselves, so I guess they do have a bunch of idiots who watch & believe them on everything, it's sad there are so many people who still believe the media, especially when you can find out within seconds if they're lying to you or not.

  4. I am neutral , what they did was wrong but what you did was also wrong destroying business , robbing and beating up mexican venders I see no different ,Also george washington said don't have political party's , what are you doing having one party take absolute control , where is the balance of power now , democracy is ending, I don't like Republicans either ,but democratics are no different look here in California , if democratics really care they would have push a control rent , do they care no , hollywood can keep working over the pandemic , what about the people that have business ? My point exactly

  5. The exact wording could also be issued as a pledge for an orderly transition to a Dictatorship, you see? Can you not read Magaspeak? Read it again. Pretend you're an EverTrumper…

  6. Pres. G. W. Bush's comments – he's a good human being. That's why I'm a Democrat that voted for him (nothing against Gore).

  7. Ask yourself who would benefit from anarchists dressed as Trump supporters destroying the Capital help? Where were the counter groups that are at EVERY Trump rally? Why no signs of them? There are a lot of videos showing things, like it almost seemed like they wanted these protestors in, even with Trump protestors trying to stop a lot of them. Raised fist for pictures? Trump shirts come off as they enter the Capital? Sure…. sounds like all the other Trump rallies…. SMH

  8. Republicans… The Party of "Off the record and no comment" This statement makes about as much sense for our country AS THEY DO.

  9. They WRECKED the Capitol and TREID to SINK OUR COUNTRY, then after their little PARTY they ALL went HOME… How did you start YOUR New Year? What did YOU do?

  10. What happened to the flu?
    What happened to AIDS?

    Only good thing in all this?
    Cartels are makin a killin on sellin dope

  11. Antifa was breaking the windows. Witnesses verify… Overheard conversation right before they started smashing windows

  12. We need a round two,never give up trump,You are a legend,come to make America great again……Above quote was taken from the last scene of the comedy drama “Make America great again” .( main character Oscar winning actor Donald trump)

  13. Biden said to protest like BLM ? So it’s officially ok now to burn and loot? So confusing. Good luck American! lol

  14. A cop shoots a black man who is pointing a gun at him. RIOTS! LOOTING! BLM! Anti-Fa! Democrats egg it on!
    A cop shoots an unarmed WHITE woman. No riots. No looting. President calls for calm.

  15. Trump fails to condemn violence…you mean like the Democrats failed to condemn the violence of BLM and Anti-Fa for the last 8 months? Didn't report on that huh?

  16. gopCoup is not a mob encouraged by liarLiar mafiaDon (Y) "trial by combat" rudyG…..who is paying you to downplay semantics ????

  17. It's a little late now he should have condemned the attempted sedition yesterday. And today he still didn't show any remorse so you can tell it's not sincere. Today as well as yesterday he didn't acknowledge the cops that did do their job but did again show love to the seditionists. Those same "PATRIOTS" defiled the people's house. After all who goes into their house and tears it up.

  18. Remember when the corpse wouldn't denounce antifa. Now he declares they are being seditious because he thinks they are trump fans. They are antifa.

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