Trump Silent As FBI Details Threats To Biden Inauguration | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

With six days left in workplace and a riot he incited in his wake, Trump stayed silent Thursday because the FBI detailed the safety considerations with the Biden administration …

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43 thoughts on “Trump Silent As FBI Details Threats To Biden Inauguration | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. There are 213.8 million registered voters in the United States and the voter turnout across the country was about 66.2%. This equals 141.5 million voters who voted this year.

    Okay, boys and girls…what's 141.5M – 74M =?

    The answer is 67.5M. That's how many possible votes remained. So how on earth does Joe Biden have another 13 million votes on top of that number?

  2. This didn't age well, the government knew thousands of people were going to show up and screwed the pooch. Then they said credible intelligence showing people attacking many capitals and brought in thousands of National guard and police and no one showed.

  3. Not even one week in office and Biden has managed to tick off the Unions that supported him, the allied countries that border and profit from America, small business across the Nation that support the economy, the poor that depend on low cost drugs, and half of America that he wants to "unite". Have I missed any? God job Joe, Putin and Xi love you.

  4. Please check Sen Murkwoski financial details and that of her family sniff sniff I can smell a DRAGON somewhere ? Was she in BEIJING when ANTIFA and BLM were looting and destroying the US last summer ??? MAY have been in Macao betting ?

  5. The threats are coming from themselves to make news and stop people thinking just keep watching tv so you won’t know what we are doing to yoy

  6. Historically Hysterical. Get a life liberals! Nothing but talking heads. So, the ceremony is over and nothing happened. Waste of money. What else is new. And you are too ignorant to admit how stupid all this was. Blah blah blah!

  7. Trump should go to prison for his crimes against the country and all of those corrupted Republicans no one absolutely its above the law.

  8. And again everyone has been scared by the fake news media. On January 20 nothing happened at all.
    Always sowing fear again.

  9. What a shame a Banana Republic. How can u expect anything good when there's no peace in land. America is divided already they never be the same again because they allowed it to happened to them of greedness selfishness and political Power that will never last forever . In my whole life, I never believe that America will be going through this mayhem. Let them forget Power, position and who rules and come together as one one nation Fitch out those them so that peace will be restored back to them. One thing again, whatever one, get through the side of the pot, will always go through the side of the mouth. Nothing last forever. What goes around comes around and what goes up comes down. All the Americans should together and defend their land they should not allowed any traitor to come in between them. Wether, Joe biden or Donald Trump should not be the problem both of them are from America. What matters is the soul of their country. God bless America.

  10. What new statements is Biden Dishing out that other Presidents didn't ? It all seems to be the same old promises but missing out the key ones.


  12. We don't know what will happen in tomorrow's inauguration., 20k soldiers? There is something.. if they didn't do fraud in the election why is it a lot of soldiers are in the inauguration hmmmm….let's see what will happen tomorrow., 🤔

  13. I think msm and socialists are planning on Antifa and BLM to act as they always do…
    Burn down, smash police cars attack law enforcement and old ladies, and then blame all Republicans for what the left actually does. Kind of like what they did at Capitol building riot. A set up. MSM are constantly on TV INCITING violence on Republicans.

  14. Nobody thinks its wierd that he can get more people that hate him at his inauguration than anyone cheering him on. HaHa!

  15. Kinda sad. Last day as the great America as we know it! America first dies tonight! Tomorrow socialism begins! It’s been a great ride! I love you America!

  16. 400K Covid19 deaths and Trump has had no soothing words to tell the grieving families. Yet he obviously felt the pain of losing the election to Joe Biden. And he has grieved by refusing to concede, ignored the pain of the thousands who lost loved ones to the pandemic, instead calling on his supporters to carry out an insurrection against Congress in order to help him remain in power.

  17. If you win legally from the love of your people, you won't need that many troops to protect you, especially your happy day like that…shame!! Looks like a communist of China or North Korea to me. Having military to force in a new dictator. Being an illegitimate president that lie, cheated, fixed the election. I would be afraid also. No one believes you to be our president. You are a puppet for the democrap party. If he was well-liked and won the election by the most votes ever why does he so fear for his life? White House now a new Military Guantánamo base for the next 4 years.

  18. How can a president with and ongoing lawsuit feed the president. They are trying to convince him to something and he's our president come on man

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