Trump releases farewell address touting achievements

President Trump on Tuesday launched a videotaped farewell tackle touting his financial and overseas coverage achievements. Referring to his followers, he stated, …

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36 thoughts on “Trump releases farewell address touting achievements

  1. Kudos to President Trump; his leadership & swift bans on travel from China saved thousands from the deadly Covid, that otherwise would have perished. He deserves the Nobel for his many other achievements.👍👍🏽🇺🇸

  2. so for 15 minutes out of 4 years he sounds like an actual leader, must be nice to have pride so strong it allows even you to believe your stretches.


  4. Yeah but he put us a war with ourselves. He let us fight each other. He could have took control sooner than let the riots last as long as they did in Minnesota.

  5. Man I’m so thankful that we had 4 years with the greatest president we have ever had .
    Imagine if the media and Democrats actually worked with him instead of against him . We could of accomplished so much . It’s sad that people are so dumb and believe the media so much. Sad

  6. “Touting” achievements? Doesn’t every president that leaves office give a mission statement about what they have done? Give me a break… Leave it to CBS (and many others) to make misleading titles, and leave it to the people opposed of Trump to mindlessly agree with these news outlets…

  7. I support Trump. I think this election was stolen and does not have consent of the people. I suggest you read The Road To Serfdom. God bless you all. I hope we can all love one another and be tolerant of others views without censorship.

  8. This man single handily put patriotism back into our souls more than ever. And nothing is gonna take that away now. Too many peo…. Too many Americans are woken and realizing the tyranny that is now taken over. We will not be quiet, and we will not back down.

  9. He said what America needed to hear when almost nobody was listening anymore. He failed at this too, this should have been his concession speech a month ago

  10. God bless you President Trump and Mrs First Lady Melania and your entire family I look forward to voting for you in 2024 my family is heartbroken to see you leave office if not for the idiots at the Capitol which I believe was a Democrat attack I feel you would still be our president

  11. These comments sections are very depressing to look at. I urge you, no matter what side your on to please fact check what you think to be solid facts. Not just because you hear it on the news.

    Think Trump is Racist? What did he say that was racist? Did you hear this from a quote? If so then go look at the source and watch/read the entirety of what was there, that way you get the whole quote instead of it being possibly out of context.

    Think Trump is so great? What did he do that's great?(or even if you doubt something you heard that he's done) Go found out for yourself and fact check it.

    Fact checking doesn't just mean looking it up on google and finding a possibly biased article someone wrote. Go look for the real nitty gritty, find the source, educate. Please spread this message, don't just get angry and fight, urge each other and yourself to go get the real info straight from the source.

  12. "As the only true outsider to become president"
    Lets see… No. There have been multiple people consitered "outsiders" that have become presidents.

  13. I was hoping this last speech of his will be no lies and exaggeration. No, it didn't happened. The few things his administration had attempted to accomplish were all worthless and fruitless. They were all designed only to deepened his and his criminal associates pockets.

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