Trump plans to leave White House with 'military-like feel' | GMA

President Donald Trump is planning a farewell occasion whereas President-elect Joe Biden focuses on transferring his agenda ahead within the first days of his presidency …

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44 thoughts on “Trump plans to leave White House with 'military-like feel' | GMA

  1. Fanaticism is very close to terrorism and madness….
    God decided : # 45 you are fired, not worth to be president – un-American-un-religious – the worst president ever with his fog of lies manipulated
    almost all of his supporters lost connection to reality, repeating all baseless blablabla shit without any facts, attacking the democracy verbal and physically
    Shame and blame over them.

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  3. The title is so stupid this is former president a man who has the respect of our brave he deserves the respect and honorable send off

  4. GOD BLESS THIS PRESIDENT! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸joe, you know you stole this election from 75 MILLION TRUE AMERICANS!!! Sad day in America! Now democrats open the flood gates for thousands to take away millions of unemployed Americans!

  5. i Literally Miss Donald Trump Amen! and Literally Now American is Socialist States of America And i Literally Text YUCK!

  6. Pelosi is using her seat for a personal vendetta, Shane in her fir abusing her office for that reason. She needs to be removed from office

  7. Con Trum asi nos bloqen los comentarios y videosss!!!!😍😘🤗🤗🤗💪💪💪💪💪💪👌👌👌👌👌

  8. Trump left military in power just wait.. why do u think biden took a private plane and not a military one.. also where was the foot ball with the nuclear codes.. only reason trump didn't stay is because he didn't want a war with Americans fighting each other

  9. Pres.TRUMP, Thank for standing for all Christians that don't want to kill unborn baby & all freedom loving law abiding people arround the world.👍 Thank for standing for Israel.👍 Thank for defending Japan,Taiwan, Phillippines, Indonesia, Brunie,Malaysia & Vietnam, againts the oppresion of China-CCP-Regime at the South China Sea.👍 Thank you for exposing the EVIL deeds of CCP-Regime(steal+replicate+replace), & the curruption of Wall Street billionaires.👍 Also thank you for enduring 4 yrs. of injustice fr. Nancy Pelosi+Democrats.

    Thank Melania for being always there for our great President.❤

    🙏May the good LORD bless you all & keep you all healthy for the rest of your life❤.👍

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