Trump Plans Defiant Final Week in Office

Jan.10 — Donald Trump begins his closing week on the White Home, and folks aware of the matter say the President is planning a defiant stand regardless of being …

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41 thoughts on “Trump Plans Defiant Final Week in Office

  1. Probably just talk more none sense. More Screaming, yelling about his fake stolen votes. And perhaps trying to figure out another way to tweet to cause more chaos?? Typical trump week I suppose…

  2. I love my president Donald Trump I love his family I'll do anything I can just support my president you know you can't say too many things nowadays but you can tell people that you love them and you care about them and you wish no harm to him God bless all Americans

  3. A good reminder that social media and media in general are allies of convenience. They are not your friends, they are profiting from you. They are not a public service, they are profiting from you. Sometimes they can be your friend and brother at the same time, but when push comes to shove, it’s the mighty dollar we have been serving for far too long.

  4. "I am walking down the middle of the highway just me and the armadillos it's safe cause the right and left side cant even stay on the road." Matthew McConaughey

  5. It is strange because some Republicans in the media have moved away from the insurrection as some sort of victims where everybody is out to get them including big technology. So much fear and paranoia it’s really unimaginable.

  6. Show me exactly where Trump told the protesters turned rioters to break into the Capital Building and disrupt the proceedings. If you cannot then these accusations are nothing but Pelosi's own false narratives designed to rile up the Trump haters.

    P.S. Twitter removed (censored) Trump's call for the rioters to stop the violence and go home then proceeded to proclaim that Trump did nothing to stop it and even promoted the violence? And the rest of the MSM fell in line…… Their attempts at twisting the facts to hide the truth is truly disgusting….wgs

  7. Only reason they want him impeached is because he still has a week or so left to actually do things. Hope he exposes this corrupt fuckers

  8. Good I hope we have civil war and get rid of the swamp creature Democrates and those Traitor REPUBLICAN's Graham, McConnell and Romney!!!

  9. Please pardon Snowden and Assange and end the wars in Yemen and Afghanistan! That would make a fantastic and memorable legacy! Do it!!

  10. Funny. All of that manpower and energy was sent to the wrong areas and the same behavior that was once condemned for MANY reasons, are now being justified because, the aggressors do not for the usual profile. All I keep hearing is excuses but, let the people of Wisconsin sneeze the wrong way…..

  11. Defiant last week, as opposed to the defiant last four yrs. Party at my place for the inauguration and a champagne toast for when Biden says “I Do”. There will be a Trump piñata full of surprises, a mini trump boarder wall that you can piss on, a ‘guess when Trump goes to jail” dart board, and “Burn the maga hats” bon fire.

  12. Take a good look at that wall and take some pictures to remember it because we're going to tear it down if it doesn't fall down first. After all it's a Trump venture.

  13. I didn't realize President Trump sent his weekly agenda to Bloomberg. He might send a collage of midgets to make fun of ol' Mike, but that's it.


  15. Since the federal government refuses to arrest that felon, Muriel Bowser, mayor of Washington D.C. needs to have her police commissioner arrest Donald Trump for inciting a riot in her city. That will invoke the 25th Amendment.

  16. This President had a lot of wealth, even before he assumed office.
    He not only seems to be crazy, he has invited his supporters to do mayhem and instigate violence.
    Ivanka Trump and her husband, Kushner, should not have been retained, even in an advisory capacity. I feel this is a conflict of interest.
    Regarding the vote, nothing besides unsubstantiated allegations of vote fraud have surfaced. Some amongst the media and the news channels have cast slurs on the Dominion voting machines. The Divine Channels, all powered by the Devil incarnate and some said to be very very Holy Priests too, got the outcome of the polls , all jinxed up. Their Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Anthony and Saint Mother Teresa and Saint Lucifer, have taken their viewership for a jolly dicey ride.
    Let the chief executive be impeached. He deserves to wallow in the puddly mud of his own making.

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