Trump legal team issues response to impeachment trial

Senator Josh Hawley weighs in on upcoming impeachment trial within the Senate. He claims it’s “unconstitutional” and that the Senate “does not have the authority” …

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37 thoughts on “Trump legal team issues response to impeachment trial

  1. What about Jewish laser beams fro outer space burning the homeland? Shouldn't the House be debating this as an urgent priority? Couldn't we get the Space Force on to it? Why is everyone ignoring this clear and present threat to the United States?

  2. 457,856 deaths 27,027,347 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  3. Ha, ha, ha, hawley has to resort to excuses – not to the truth and what is right or wrong. The truth and the law is not limited to a special time – like the so called "presidency" of the orange clown. Things are either right or wrong, lawful or lawless. Why should a banker – who stole money from his bank – not be prosecuted for theft if he resigns from his bank????

  4. Every country has provided better covred relief then the United States of America!! And we're the richest country in the world!! I can't believe you down South people keep giving money to the republicans you love that don't even wanna give you $15 minimum wage

  5. The wrong one is being impeached here, it should be all the democrat party for inciting riots last summer with their little tin armies Blm and Antifa. And while i am here , what is the point of ABC CNN, and all the other far left news channels being on air if they are not going to cover all the news left and right. You did not need about 6 news channels for the last 4 years to slag off Trump, and has any of them said sorry to Trump for getting the Russian fake news yet.

  6. What part of this impeachment is unconstitutional? His Loser was impeached while he was pretending to be president, and then republicans [including Sen. Hawley] sat on the article until His Loser left office.

    To claim this "unconstitutional" now is like having your rent due, but the renter's office is closed for the first week of the month, and then the renter come back with "Oh, because you didn't pay rent until the eighth, here is a bunch of late fees tacked on".

    Oh, and I love that opinion piece at the end about how busting the filibuster is damaging 'unity'. As if 'unity' means that democrats need to shift to align with republicans, instead of the other way around.

  7. What disgusting is This sham impeachment trial is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" yet ALL 50 Democrat senators voted YES to impeach!. This will tell you the Democrats does not care about the constitution and RIGHT of every American citizen who disagree with them.

  8. Hawley boot licking as usual "it says you can try to convict the president, not a ex president, not a private citizen". Thing is there, the vote to impeach took place while he was still officially in office, so nothing unconstitutional about it. Besides odds of trump winning another term in four years is slim to non anyways. Everything about this is political theater, on both sides.

  9. If the DemoRats insist on this impeachment of President Trump, then stand by for a full load of DemoRats like Obama and many in Congress and Biden/ Harris face the same kangaroo charges in their kangaroo court…..

  10. Why do we treat trump like he’s a king? He’s capable of crime but not eligible for court? He’s not above the constitution nor the laws of the country he was supposed to serve.

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