Trump leaves White House, ending a contentious presidential term

Mr. Trump’s presidency ended Wednesday after 4 contentious, and at occasions, tumultuous years. CBS Information correspondent Paula Reid and CBS Information senior …

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20 thoughts on “Trump leaves White House, ending a contentious presidential term

  1. Hahahahahaha ask China that question, oh how I miss him already! Most truthful president we will ever hear! The truth hurts these news people I guess! Lol

  2. He was the worst so you right never will be no one like a disgrace girl stop lying he was the worst. And was a huge liar

  3. Just to be clear. How did men who pledge to protect the People from government tyranny, become loyal followers of a government tyrant? This is a new definition of hypocrite whereby ignorant men are feverishly led by their ignorance, which ignores their purpose.

    Therefore, their CAUSE loses its legitimacy and becomes NOTHING, because the men's actions are in direct conflict with their interests.

  4. Trump is nobody now….(a jinx born in the U.S)

    Started from Reagen's administration to this day, it's a privilege for all ex- President to have Secret Service close protection officers…

    His Privilege not His Rights…

    If old Donald is found guilty in the incoming impeachment , there will be no more post-president benefits…

    No taxpayers in the world agreed to continue the government benefits to a villain ex-President EXCEPT the stupido Republican voters (Trump's slaves @ white kunta-kinte)…

    So, what will happen to Donald's family? Trump and his troblued older children dare to be in public without close protection? I DON'T THNK SO!!

    Trump killed almost half million Americans to this day… Revenge Is The Human Nature…

    "…. will be back in some form.." – Trump's final speech

    he will be back as a ghost!!!

  5. Listening to their speeches, we realise what a world of difference between an elderly statesman (宝刀未老政治家) and a boastful estate salesman (吹牛房地产推销员)
    All's well that ends well!
    Best wishes to President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris ..👍🇺🇲

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