Trump lawyer interrupted by laughter in senate

President Trump’s protection lawyer Michael van der Veen argument in opposition to having witnesses at former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial was …

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43 thoughts on “Trump lawyer interrupted by laughter in senate

  1. Van der Venen is more an good actor than a good lawyer. The real facts about the defendant Trump he’s tried to keep out of the proceedings. But then he accuses Pelosi or others of “something” that has NOTHING to do with these proceedings against defendant Trump.

  2. Bet they were dying to start laughing again after they were admonished not to, it’s like you had to put your face in a handkerchief just to keep from busting out another laugh. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I guess this Trump defense lawyer thinks that stomping his feet and hands makes his case stronger, I presume that's what Trump calls a strong defense. These folks are comics.

  4. This man is operating under the anointing of prophet Elijah and if the Americans cannot rise up to be United against all these democrats who hates president Trump am afraid USA is sinking like titanium and the whole world is laughingly mocking the fooling disorderly from Pelosi and Schiffy including the few sparrows. The ppl who planted this empeachmement are all deluded even me as little as I am with my age can actually see that the mantle to hate the patriarch of USA is growing like panseatic cancer ,thus if Americans don't act now, bcoz very soon you will see how China, Iran and all enemies of usa begins to expand within your own country like ISIS. Pelosi and democrats Biden have really sold Americans like what happened in world trade Newyork. Americans must rise now to capture their country back otherwise you are doomed while you leave your enemies enlarge their torrential hate campaign cells. Americans must remove Biden and all Pelosi so swamps out of that white house.

  5. Jesus, that old fella overseeing the trial could barely get a sentence out. He sounds like he should be in a hospital, not overseeing an impeachment trial.

  6. Hey CNN get a f**** life Biden is doing such a shity job as president soon all y'all will be able to talk about is lies it's going to be hard to make this guy sound good this guy as in sniffy Joe Biden

  7. This lawyer is theatrical wtf. Does he think if he friowns his face in anger and disgust , wave his hands like a lunatic , hit the table with his fists, it's going to make the shit coming out of his mouth sound logical and in line with the definition and context of the crime of Incitement ? Yes incitement is about the actions/ words prior and / or during the commission of the crime but for the prosecutor to build a concrete case , the actions / lack of action / conduct of the person after the crime is done, is also relevant . Actions before , during and after the crime is all relevant .

  8. What a clown this bloke is. So much for the greatest democracy in the world, The U.S, is no different to Russia, corruption protected by the corrupt.

  9. LOL! This guy is pitiful. To be fair, Trump couldn't find any good lawyers willing to place their reputations on the line by representing him. I can see Robert DeNiro playing this angry dude in a future SNL comedy script.

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