Trump impeachment trial: Day 1 of former President Trump's second trial

Former President Trump’s second impeachment trial started on February 9, 2021. Mr. Trump is the one president to be impeached twice and can be the primary to …

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27 thoughts on “Trump impeachment trial: Day 1 of former President Trump's second trial

  1. Our hearts and prayers are with you on this special President day Joe Biden , enjoy every moment of this day with your family – friends – hit the golf course to

  2. This is just another distraction for the democrats, if you want to know what's really going on keep your eyes on Biden & Harris.. Yes they want to keep Trump from running again but there's something going on with Biden & Harris.. Pelosi says "lets prove Biden incompetent & then we will impeach Harris then I can run the world" "BWAHAHAHA"!!! ( witchy drunken laugh…)
    Ok this man is not a good actor at all boohoo Raskin what a joke!! Where did they dig him up? And he's the the leader of this sham? What?

  3. Don't you just love the way the dems make stuff up to fit their agenda & manufacture splice & cut film to fit their narrative how they turn things upside down & inside out to go down their path of destruction…they are so predictable & sad.. They are just desperate & reaching for anything where there is nothing.. And this sad little man Raskins is so desperate to be important, never heard of this man & don't care what he tries to say he's just trying too hard to be relevant & important, lol.. Not gonna happen….they have tried to find a reason to impeach Trump before his presidency what about QUID PRO QUO JOE as acting vice president or kamala Harris for supporting & funding the bail money for rioters or Pelosi for well, you name it she's done it, treason, inciting riots, abuse of power this one fits shiff, Schumer, waters, it fits several members of the house in just saying they have done this right in front of the camera right in front of the faces of the American public & these devils are still in office & nothing has been brought against them but they can make up what ever charges they want & then cut & splice tape to make whatever fit their agenda or vision just to get rid of a president they can't control because they can't bully him into doing their bidding! In the words of Joe "COME ON MAN"

  4. Raskins is trying way to hard to be important, lol.. Poor guy
    74 million ppl wanted him as president (probably more)..
    The man who says- we are listening to your (or our) boss Donald Trump is not a patriot he is an imposter, a plant by the democrats… Patriots would never say anything like that!!! I know we as patriots are tired, sick & tired of the democrats crap, however, not all of these ppl are patriots the way you can tell is how aggressive & destructive some of these ppl are, we patriots are more aggressive with our words we don't destroy property & we don't attack ppl… 99% of patriots just don't act or re-act like this, however, I know a mob mentality can take over but I do not believe that patriots started this mess! Pelosi & her goons planned & executed this & may have dragged some more passionate patriots (younger folks) into this attack, that's my opinion but of course it doesn't mean much because I am a patriot.. I believe in the course that Trump chose to take which is the route of the courts unlike the riots the dems supported throughout the year where many ppl were killed & many ppl were injured, we patriots do not support that kind of action. Why are none of the democrats being tried for inciting those riots? Trump never incited any kind of violence he never told anyone to do anything illegal & he most certainly would never support this kind of behavior!! If they were true patriots, true Trump supporters this would not have taken place because that's not what we stand for or believe in.. End of story, I would look at the goons behind Pelosi, Schumer, Water's, Schiff, Clinton even Romney!! If you want answers investigate those ppl check their phones leading up to Jan. 6th!! This was a set up for the democrat agenda!! Idiots, they just gave their self another black eye.. Why isn't pelosi, Harris, Biden or schumer, Clinton for that matter why are these ppl not impeached or removed from office or locked the h£LL UP! Trump is innocent of these charges & is still president as far as patriots are concerned because, I'm sorry but there is just no way little ole Biden won, lol its laughable & sad…
    Democrats are so corrupt I put nothing past them especially after this mess..

    Mike Lindell Documentary ABSOLUTE PROOF

  6. Criminals Democrats couldn’t pay off people lie oh wait that’s what they always do partial videos to try to Impeach President trump what a joke

  7. Mfs were probably flipping through pages of the constitution and future law ideas talking about “there’s gotta be something we can use against these scumbags” LMFAOOO omfg what idiots

  8. There must be a minimum amount of time they’re required to speak because these Trump lawyers spend a lot of time complimenting people.

  9. So his lawyers are also editing videos for us, using a movie editor too…? So…what- They took issue with the senators doing it bc Hollywood’s essentially shunned Trump and his trumpets? Okay.

  10. God idiots that actually take him serious anymore. After 2016 if you voted for him based on just BC im a rebublican OK, but if you didnt have concerns, you must be blind. After 4 years, of this country going don the tubes, EXCEPT somehow the rich get richer, and the pres dodges bullets of his on doing by others taking the fall and taking credit for "We got 400 quadrillion doses in a half hour with warp speed" "I said look we gotta do it fast guys" Sure, I actually feel bad for him. Why did he have to do this. You were already rich, go live your life, your old, enjoy it. Now you got these old Dems that have to run too, BC noone else is strong enough to beat him in the party. Sanders as too far left. Biden was the only candidate I believe BC hes in the middle. He will work with Reps. If they work with him. This is America WHY ARE YOU NOT WORKING TOGETHER IN THIS TERRIBLE TIME? WW2 9/11 We came together. ONE COUNTRY. Words carry a more power than most understand

  11. The white supremist Republican Senators will not convict Trump their mob boss and two-bit dictator. The oath of office they took doesn't mean crap to them. They approved of the potential coup on Jan. 6th. They wanted it to happen. Trump will still face jail time in other matters they he can't control. Lock him up!

  12. Well, Baseball season is just around the corner. I watched the movie Major League last night. Great movie! There is a scene in the movie that is actually very relevant right now: It was in the ninth inning. Corbin Bernson, the third baseman walks up to Charlie Sheen, the pitcher and says: “I just have one thing to say to you…………….STRIKE THIS MOTHERF___ER OUT!!!” Well, Senate Republicans, it is now the ninth inning. We, the majority of sane, normal Americans, have just one thing to say to you…………… STRIKE THIS MOTHERF___ER OUT!! IT’S NOW ALL UP TO YOU!!!!!!

  13. Sore Loser Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Shame on Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Person Woman Man Camera TV and Jail 😂

  14. Is this first Trump lawyer…building his argument by COMPLIMENTING senators? And by trying to lump them into Trump’s popular way of using “patriot” today, for his followers and supporters? What in the dog whistle lol

  15. Negune was really compelling and easy to follow in his portion of the argument. Appreciated how familiar he was with the argument he was about to make and the legislative/academic evidence he would raise to support it.

    And Raskin raising historical context – both abroad in the parliament for which the framers based our governance on and early cases in the history of our country as well was compelling/helpful too.

  16. PLAY THE FULL STATEMENT BASSTURDS!!!! "and peacefully and patriotically protest". I'll find and post the full statement. This is BS!

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