Trump impeachment: House votes to bring charge against president | FULL

The U.S. Home of Representatives voted to question President Donald Trump for “inciting an revolt” after the Jan. 6 assaults on the Capitol, which adopted …

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27 thoughts on “Trump impeachment: House votes to bring charge against president | FULL

  1. My prayers are with Trump… stand strong Mr. President. Thank you for standing up to these currupt politicians. Your supporters are, and will always be behind you with our undieing support. NO matter what!! Declare martial law on these "so-called" politicians that are making a mockery of our blessed and amazing nation to everyone in the world… and then let's watch them squirm. Ultimately, God's will be done. I lift this country and all of her citizens for protection from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Amen

  2. can't these people get rid of the mask the very symbol of oppression and dismantling of the rights to freedom of speech; still a calculated programme of the democrats

    if only america knows where they are going in the next six months, upholding this rigged election in favour of the democratic party is not what they would be doing now

    this whole process is sickening!

    i wonder what the violent destructions that took place six months ago would be classified as; fueled by the DEMOCRATS!


  3. Trump……Such a liar!!! he was cheering and animated by the images of the violence against the temple of Democracy on January the 6th 2021… sorry for the people of Queen's.. we know you discarded him a long time ago.. now it's our Time and Duty to do the same… at the end he will always be a snake oil salesman… the one that the only successes rest with the populace and the greedy

  4. If there was actually some evidence of fraud found in the election, we would likely be in a much worse place. Maybe even a civil war. Scary to think that would be all it would take. The country is so divided.

  5. Rioting is wrong – but assembly and freedom of speech is protected …. The reality is we have entered a breaking point for both houses which have delivered nothing significant to benefit our infrastructure which is crumbling – "few countries lose power with a storm" – Biden's idea for covid ok but the idea of doubling minimum wage will be catastrophic he leads with lies Trump led with incitement.

  6. I love how Donald Trump had more credible evidence of voter fraud/cheating in the 2016 election, yet swears up and down that democrats cheated with no evidence. But its okay to flip the country upside down to overturn the most secure election in American history for a racist leather sack of cheeto dust with a grudge.

  7. Wow, I'm amazed that there were 10 enlightened Republicans in the House. Loyalties should be to the Country, to the Party and to the President. In that order. Most Republicans have it in reverse order.

  8. Pelosi, Schumer and the ruling class make it official that the United State of American is no longer a free country by impeached Trump. Their next step is to remove the second amendment and Freespeech.
    Freespeech will become a hate crimes if you speak negatively against the ruling class

  9. there no business like show business i know unless it politics….problem is trump is dangerous….it not funny, it not cute.. at the end of the day, real people get hurt, some die…… ideas, principles, rules, regulations of what the founders of usa, can also be hurt, can also die..the people who are brain washed behind trump scare the beegees out of me.

  10. Very many countries have experienced a storming of their Parliaments. Most of those stormings were in response to election irregularities being ignored by the powers to be. The Democratic Party is taking the same route as the Chinese Communist in completely isolating and vilifying the opposition so as to assure it doesn't making further appearances. Here are some Parliament House stormings from other countries:

    In 1907, suffragettes stormed the British Parliament to press for women’s equality. After a ‘Women’s Parliament’ meeting at Caxton Hall several hundred suffragettes divided themselves into fourteen groups, each with a leader, Suffragette founder Emmeline Pankhurst amongst them. Buoyed by the rallying slogan of ‘Deeds Not Words’ they smashed Parliament windows and chained themselves to Westminster railings. 60 of them were arrested in the melee but 15 managed to enter the lobby of parliament. The storming of parliament lasted many hours with order restored late in the evening.

    Hong Kong protests: Storming of parliament in pictures 1 July 2019
    Protesters have stormed Hong Kong's Legislative Council building and held the council's chamber for a while. Hundreds of demonstrators forced their way into the building by smashing through doors and steel shutters. The group are a breakaway part of a peaceful protest involving hundreds of thousands of people on the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. It is the latest in a series of protests against a controversial bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China.

    Anti-government “Red Shirt” protesters stormed Thailand’s Parliament building April 07, 2010. Lawmakers scaled the compound’s walls to flee and a Black Hawk helicopter evacuated those trapped by the encircling crowd. “Red Shirt” protesters smashed through the compound’s gate with a truck and rushed into the building. The protesters later withdrew from the building at the request of opposition legislators. Tens of thousands of Red Shirts had been camped in Bangkok for a month They were protesting against a Prime Minister who they claimed came to power illegitimately. They demanded that the Parliament be dissolved and new elections called.

    George’s 2003 protests reached their peak on November 22, when President Shevardnadze attempted to open the new session of parliament. This session was considered illegitimate by opposition parties. Supporters of opposition parties burst into the session with roses in their hands (hence the name Rose Revolution), interrupting a speech of President Shevardnadze and forcing him to escape with his bodyguards. Declaring a state of emergency he began to mobilize troops. However, the many military units refused to support the government which then compelled the president to meet with opposition leaders. After the meeting, the president announced his resignation.

    Taiwan’s Parliament was occupied March 19, 2014, by demonstrators protesting a yet-to-be ratified trade agreement with China. Several hundred protesters, most of them students, broke a glass door and stormed past police to enter the legislature, where they have barricaded the doors with chairs. The protesters were demanding a clause-by-clause review of the trade pact. The students objected that the pact would give China too much economic influence over Taiwan and cost tens of thousands of jobs.

    Dec. 16, 2019, South Korea's National Assembly fell into disarray after protesters stormed the building and assaulted lawmakers. The protesters refused to disperse upon police orders. The crowd carried U.S. and South Korean flags, as well as the flag of Israel, as they denounced South Korean lawmakers known to be involved in "senior official corruption.” Most participants were in their 60s and 70s. Police initially refrained from taking tough measures against the group because of their seniority and concerns about potential injuries, but then began arresting them.

  11. America and it's leaders who apparently work for the people have made America the laughing stock of the world. This constant Demonrats accusations, impeachments and most nonsense that comes out of thier mouths has proven you do not have adults running the country. It's a joke, both sides. The whole house left and right need to be impeached. They have officially ruined the great US and A.

  12. What a complete waste of time. Democrats and Republicans hate is obviously above the American citizens. How about work quickly on the stimulus, the economy, COVID. Nope… they only serve themselves.

    Never been so glad to be a Independent.

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