Trump holds rally in Georgia ahead of Senate runoff

President Trump will maintain a rally in Georgia forward of the essential U.S. Senate runoff election in help of the state’s two Republican senators, David Perdue and …

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25 thoughts on “Trump holds rally in Georgia ahead of Senate runoff

  1. What a liar what does he have to do with good he thinks he is one I think he was referring to himself no humbleness

  2. Is he really orange in here or is it just me? Still wants all the attention mr energizer bunny. ME ME ME!!! Keeps going and going and going about false claims😂 I thought it was about the running senators not him.

  3. "Well it doesn't matter that Pence certified the votes on 1/6. It doesn't count until election day! Just wait you'll see..4 more years" -Naive Trump Supporter

  4. Yeah. Ha 😁 hs 😂 ha!!!! Seriously!!!! VOTE IN PERSON AND MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT AND WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR!!!!!!!

  5. I have to say, that speech Trump made really strikes a chord…. And I definitely am interested in seeing what happens… He's definitely correct…. This government is corrupt and taking money from big corps like these tech companies etc…. Huh??? Makes sense why so much stuff gets fact checked or removed by FB…. I'm not a fan of him.. but he's right about that kinda stuff.

  6. Wake up people.. Democrat or Republican. This is all a distraction. We should be watching the bill being passed in NY now. Bill A 416..

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