Trump Has To Say Goodbye To This Mar-A-Lago Luxury

Donald Trump’s time in workplace led to authorized battles, political polarization, and an tried rebel on the Capitol Constructing. Now, as he settles into his …

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34 thoughts on “Trump Has To Say Goodbye To This Mar-A-Lago Luxury

  1. Inciter in chief that created the domestic terrorism on jan6 should now be hiding in the Afghan mountains with a 25 million bounty on his head. Moral of the story, domestic terrorism has its privileges.🙁

  2. You can not educate ant Liberal Idiot I've tried to educate some of them for years but have wasted my time, So believe what ever you want to , that won't change the TRUTH.
    82% of what the media reports about Trump is made up sensationalized lies and those who believe these lies are sheep who follow the head sheep, as they fall over the cliff
    to their awaiting doom!

  3. The truth always reveals itself and lately, it's become more apparent that it was coming the left all along, and in the last few weerr ks and two days, we have seen an entire political party make a new artform out of lying.

  4. When Democrats rule, you have to say goodbye to anything they damn well think they have the right to take from you. But what do we expect from a nation of murderers (democrats) who rally, protest, cheer and celebrate the slaughter of human life in the womb? OF COURSE they want your house taken! They want all your shit! They are Sodomites who surround your house and DEMAND you participate in their insanity.

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