Trump attacks Capitol rioters amid growing calls for his removal | DW News

Over thirty hours after the tried riot — and three months after the election – US President Donald Trump has now acknowledged Joe Biden’s win.

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39 thoughts on “Trump attacks Capitol rioters amid growing calls for his removal | DW News

  1. Didn't those fools hear Trump say he'll walk with them?
    He urged them to go to Capitol Hill and help the weak Republicans to turn the electoral result around.
    Now Trump distance himself from them, slap them in the face and say they are not Americans and should be brought to justice.
    They are fools because they were fooled by Trump.

  2. There was complicity at the leadership levels of the Pentagon and Dept. of Homeland Security in creating a the situation that made the security breach during the attack possible…

    Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) was live-tweeting the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) during the insurrection as rioters were looking for lawmakers to murder…

    (11 January, 2021)

  3. I would not trust Donald Trump saying that he is now happy that Biden won. Trump is one of the most mentally imbalanced man to be President of United States. He is just being dishonest as usual.

  4. Do not Trust anything Trump said this man Trump was on tape incited this mob to kill steal and destroyed capital hill property , hiwere staff and civilian were kill, these angry mobsters stole federal property including mail Nancy Pelosi would of been kill by these rioters did exactly what Trump wanted them today this is shameful

  5. The karma America is paying with all the killing n riot supported all over the world,,, what's the difference of sending warship to threaten other countries. That don't agree with anerica,,, taste your own medicine… Look out for the collaspe of finance with trillion in debt becos of money spend on wars

  6. I thought he said we love you, and I will see you on capital hill. But he was at a party. Too confusing, split personality. Now he condemns them. What a great leader of fools. Go protect the Alamo and I'll watch from the cantina down the road

  7. He can't open his mouth without lying. He, his accomplices and his family all need to go to jail. They claim to be on the side of police while they attacked and murdered police officers, they all need to be held responsible for that.

  8. for those protestors wearing maga hats and waving trump flags as they violently invaded the capitol.. you do not represent me.. erm our country… but on a side note.. please keep coming to my rallies because you are good people and we love you… there will be another one next week… it will be the greatest rally the world has ever seen… nobody has ever seen a rally like the one we are going to have next week… proud boys, stand back and stand by…

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