Trump and Biden to campaign for Georgia Senate candidates

Each President Trump and President-elect Joe Biden are heading to Georgia to marketing campaign for Senate candidates forward of Tuesday’s runoff. However the president’s …

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40 thoughts on “Trump and Biden to campaign for Georgia Senate candidates

  1. Nothing wrong with this phone call. Dems are so scared they are critical in everything.
    Dem. cowards reacting out of fear over every little thing.

  2. Trump is out! Voting the senate to turn Democrat will help all the American people . How do you guys not understand this? This has nothing to do with trump

  3. FRAUDULENT JOE had 20 people there and TRUMP had thousands. TRUMP🇺🇸4 MORE YEARS🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥🔥🔥

  4. Every day mainstream media “ feed” people only one answer…”Who is the worst President …and why Trump???…Enough is enough….this “food” people finally throw out…They see different, the hear different..only journalists and politicians are blind and deaf.

  5. Georgia, make us proud and vote blue! It’s time to get rid of these lying cheating stealing republicans and get our stimulus relief checks and help the working people.

  6. Georgia election data indicates at least 30,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump and another 12,173 votes were switched to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, data scientists testified on Dec. 30 during a state Senate hearing. – – Trumps phone call is like the conversation the prosecutor has with you before they show you pictures of you committing the crime LOL!

  7. Pelosi said today 1 4 21 she wants to make Washington DC a state and porta Rico. Georgia vote save our country from the Democrat Socialist! Vote

  8. Politics & the media has become a bias reality show. I have heard this recording on different channels & this is the only portion being played. Why not make the entire recording available?? At least it gives your audience the opportunity to exercise their own mind, instead of you programming them on how they should think 🤔 Brad Raffensperger recorded the call, so why not make it available to release the entire message for those who like thinking for themselves🤔It’s 2021 Praying journalists go back to reporting all news without being bias.

  9. Lies, go watch the entire video. Don’t listen to these lies. I find it funny how the governor of Georgia said to President Trump not to take it out of context, but all the TV media stations do exactly that, listen to the over an hour conversation, where not only The President spoke to the governor, but specialists in their field spoke also.

  10. I have a disable wife, a 19 year old full time college kid, make less thank 36k a year household , but MITCH appears to believe that I could not use the money,, I know its easy,, GO ON unemployment …. UNEMPLOYMENT would be a huge raise for me.. , I would be better off setting home cashing check.. The working people in the USA needs help 2k is a God send. Mitch for the most part is the republican party !!!!

    GA vote dem's please

  11. Go vote Blue in Georgia!! Take Mitch McConnels power!! to get the relief $2000 payments in the hands of desperate Americans that payed for it threw taxes and need it back in a time of crisis power to the people not the corporations !!

  12. The corruption on the left will be exposed. Corn pop will be sworn in but we the people will not let the truth die. Trump won and the left knows it. Why did Joe hide all election season? Not covid but the fix was in.

  13. Fake News using one sentence out of a conversation so it can be taken out of context. You could not make it an issue as usual if you played the whole conversation.

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