Trump admits he won't serve a second term day after inciting mob

President Donald Trump conceded publicly for the primary time that he won’t serve a second time period, stopping in need of congratulating President-elect Joe Biden however …

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37 thoughts on “Trump admits he won't serve a second term day after inciting mob

  1. Fear, thats why!
    Beleve me, he will be back and run again next election.
    So beeing smart not to be impeached.
    Its not his words.

  2. Thank you to the entire panel for shedding light on a serial seditionist! Biggest joke of a modern day leader, whose actions and filthy language for four year's, culminated in this day upon the country! Gop's complicity in all of this will forever be evident, even to their great, great grand- children…disgusting!!!

  3. Mr. Trump you messed up, I am not sure if you were or you are behind it but you must find out who were they? Was it a political STUNT of Democrats? During Riot all over the nation – people were literally hired to ignite the RIOTS like in Chicago Downtown and many other places in USA. Did someone ignite that HENIOUS acts in White House? You must investigate to remove your name off of it. You had it all, but how you lost it all is and was very well staged drama. Starting from your FUED with Nancy………… Something doesn't add up properly.

  4. Less than 25 seconds and he was already lying!
    Donny you refused when they called you and said, call out the National Guard we need help, twice!!
    Pence made the phone call!!

  5. "To those that have broken the law. You will pay"
    Here's the thing… I don't think that Trump (or many of his deluded followers) believe the insurrectionists have broken any laws….
    Those nutters likely think legally voting citizens and constitution following senators (and the VP) were breaking the law.

  6. Who cares CNN is bullshit, trump ain’t perfect but joe Biden is worse. So vuol Eve is ok for criminals but not when a country is dictated by another party? They didn’t attack the public like the push left. They didn’t run around tell OMG people to shit their black ass up. Like the left screamed and killed white people. They took it to The government

  7. Why St. Josh Hawley had to hide when the rioters stormed in, they are your people, why running away, NOT stay to welcome them instead?

  8. 🇨🇦 Omg just his tone like he was forced to do this speech. How sad this president could care less about the American people 😡🤮😔 Its like a code at the end for his deranged followers. Be safe & strong America it won't be long he'll be gone. 😡🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  9. God bless America though you will never be the same again. Pray and return to the purity of your youth, America return to righteousness, return to the God of righteousness.

    We the People, DEMAND that our vote for POTUS be fulfilled by the inauguration of DJT in 2021 by ANY means necissary. The POTUS election of 2020 results were reversed by highly illegal FRAUD and is foreign interferance in our selection of POTUS.
    Send this to EVERYONE and to THE WHITE HOUSE email:

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