Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial; 7 Republicans vote to convict I ABC7

The Senate on Saturday acquitted Donald Trump of inciting the horrific assault on the U.S. Capitol, concluding a historic impeachment trial that uncovered the …

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44 thoughts on “Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial; 7 Republicans vote to convict I ABC7

  1. I you see a bunch of skydancers or tube men, you know, the ones they put in front of stores that sway back and forth? is not the capitol announcing a new product. It's actually all the GOP members (-1) walking around, going about their daily business, it's just that their spinelessness makes them walk that way.


  3. Trump acquittal was right, he did not do what he was accused of, if he runs again and this time, Trump will do what is right, with God's help, and not on his own.

  4. This is just for those saying Trump will run again. I highly doubt he will and even if he did, he wouldn't even beat out the other republicans for the nomination. Face it, Trump had his time. It's over. In the words of that great poet Bush Jr., "Fool me, can't get fooled again."🤣😅

  5. The best medicine for these talking heads would be to put them in a room with speakers ( and food / running water) and force them to listen to their own bullshit via overlapping audio clips nonstop.

  6. Might as well crate up The Statue of Liberty and send it back to France
    In the same breath gave Capital Officer Medal with standing ovation then Called Trump NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!

  7. The acquittal means nothing. After being a one term President and after two impeachment trials in 12 month's, Mr Trump is already politically dead. 🇺🇸

  8. "Dear heavely Father God, please help me to never be so BRAINWASHED that I storm a Federal building, get indicted on Federal charges, not get a pardon for being so loyal, lose my job for storming a Federal building, find out the person who said they would be right there with me wasn't anywhere near the scene, then have them say I acted on my own not because of them, and then still think that that person really cares about me after they used me. In Jesus' name Amen."

  9. Didn't George work on the Clinton's administration, so how the hell he became the head of ABC. To brain wash people I guess.

  10. I think they put the president in place to distract us from the fact that they dont have term limits. How does the president have term limits and they dont ? They make it like president is high up there but its actually them with their unlimited term, and its going to stop

  11. These seven Republicans embody the true meaning of the word Patriot while the 43 GOP Senators who voted to acquit Trump are as guilty as Trump terrorizing our country. #1 is Senator Hawley with evidence of fist-bumping with the terrorists prior to the attack. No fear to face the consequences of their action in the name of truth and justice. We have to remember, there are more states and descent Americans who voted for Biden! Those Senators who voted for Trump should prepare to face all the blame for any future troubles Trump and his supporters will do. But without his Mega microphone, Twitter, Trump needs to be forgotten by American society. Americans should focus on how to rebuild our country by advocating for kindness and honesty. Most of all, we have to make those guilty pays the price of their crimes in "criminal justice." We will never get tired every day to see the FBI reporting and exposing those involved in terrorism on January 6, including Trump. We will wait every day for sane family members who want to bring their Qanon loved ones to get back to their senses by turning them to authority. Because the truth is, that is the only way to end that cult and false propaganda of Trump to get his agenda.

  12. USA is last world power before the world is purged again.This is the beginning of the end of this nation.

  13. If the total number of senate represent the poeple, the presiden is also elected by simple majority of the poeple, the requirement of impeachment should be simple majority?

  14. Impeachment is a nonworkable law. Another kind of legal garbage comes out of the anus of American Demoncrazy.
    A law of immorality is the sure way of self-destruction. Every religion tells you that.

  15. Mr Trump was bold in respect of speech and action . It was not acceptable to some flatter loving Republicans . Trump had the courage to call a spade a spade .

  16. Trump's second impeachment was illegal. Now impeaching Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer is legal and so is impeaching Joe Biden for his involvement in and with the Ukrainian (remember all the evidence that was uncovered in Trump's first failed impeachment on the Biden's?). There is more than of evidence against Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in that Ukrainian mess that Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer should have left alone that is grounds to impeach Joe Biden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO WHAT'S RIGHT DEMOCRAT CONGRESS Impeach Joe Biden!

  17. Shame on these weak coward republicans that converted to the democratic party right in front of the republican people that voted them into office… Alaska: Sen. Lisa Murkowski, North Carolina: Sen. Richard Burr, Louisiana: Sen. Bill Cassidy, Maine: Sen. Susan Collins, Utah: Sen. Mitt Romney, Nebraska: Sen. Ben Sasse, and Pennsylvania: Sen. Patrick Toomey. These are NOT true Republicans. They should have NO future in the republican party. All 7 put their needs before the people they

  18. the last few months have been disastrous for America’s reputation abroad. An outgoing president escaped punishment after trying to steal an election and inciting revolt against his own government. American rebukes to autocratic governments may never carry the same moral weight again.

  19. and they will be no more bumpy trumpy probally but still a celebrity he should go back directly to an acting politician and actoring, and on shows tvs and movies playing politicians and apprentices and just more acting and its because He called a mob up to the capital the billion man march January 6th what time did it start?

  20. My household for over fifty years have been Republican but as of 2016 switched to Democrat and so glad I did. As of February 13, 2021 I want nothing to do with these spineless pussies. They showed their true side and god forbid our country should be attacked with these coward on board. Chilling thought🥶

  21. I know one of these so called Republican traitor's is Pat Toomey.
    He is a fake Republican.
    Hopefully when we drain the swamp he will be one to go.

  22. I hate this country dude. How are people so dumb? Dude literally called a virus a hoax and then tried to sabatoge mail-in voting and now half a million people are dead.

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