TREEHOUSE FOREST ISLAND TOUR | Animal Crossing New Horizons

How AMAZING is that this treehouse Animal Crossing island?! I can not recover from the insane quantity of element and dedication on this STUNNING island tour!! What was …

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26 thoughts on “TREEHOUSE FOREST ISLAND TOUR | Animal Crossing New Horizons

  1. THOSE TREEHOUSES THOUGH!!!! 🌲🌳🏠 I was blown away by the island of Shijia and the creativity throughout! 😍 What was your favorite part of this tour?!

  2. What an amazing island Tim created!!! Thank you so much for sharing it! My favorite ideas were the decorated residents tents and the group camp ground!

  3. Don't mind me, just over here binging your videos while I completely redo my island. So glad to have found your channel and seeing that you're still putting out ACNH tours with some amazing ideas for islands!

  4. Finally just got this game after binging a lot of your videos and I love it so far! I got cherries and then my 2 starter villagers are cherry and kid cat. I’m only on day 2 but i’m excited. Thanks for taking the time to make your vids

  5. LOVE the island. the tour was fun too☺️
    Is the CODE for the eggs (under the ducks) listed? Don’t see it in the description box for some reason….

  6. Your videos have inspired me to get back into animal crossing <3 I now have beat the game in around three days of emptying my island, and completely re-making it. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have made it this far in the game <3 Tysm for continuing making the best content <3

  7. i love love the island tours☺️ you should check out @consol caito here on youtube if you haven’t already! she makes some beautiful islands and i believe she has two dream addresses and is currently working on another!

  8. Wow. This has been one of my favorite tours so far! I love rustic villages and things like that and I definitely got some ideas for my late summer, early fall island!! Beautiful!

  9. I need this island!! Super awesome!! Just waiting for the inspiration to terraform and decorate my own island, not sure what to do or where to start. Haha!

  10. It wouldn’t be a Katie island tour if she didn’t talk about her love for laundry 😂❤️ you are an absolute cutie

  11. This a little late. But your dock could be a shipping area. And flea market kinda thing where "foreigners" come over to trade. Since you said you did retail haha

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