TREASURE AT THE SWAMP | Curse of Oak Island

Close to the attention of the swamp, Gary and Jack discover an previous iron decide axe head and an historic spade subsequent to it. The wooden that was discovered simply earlier than the hurricane and …

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36 thoughts on “TREASURE AT THE SWAMP | Curse of Oak Island

  1. We put a man on the moon 50 years ago ….cant we just use some super detector to find out if valuables are buried on this island?

  2. An old iron pick axe head and an ancient spade !!? OH – MY – GOD !?! 😮 I can’t believe it! I’m sure I’d found the exact same rubbish if I were to dig in my own garden, but still, VERY IMPRESSIVE !

  3. The unfortunate thing is that they will never drill into a gas pipeline on that island. Now that would be worth watching.

  4. Can't stand the narrator very irritating… Is the narrator an idiot has he been an idiot all his life I think so

  5. —'s…..HUEY…..aside….vantage point..MAYFLOWER.ARK..satview…LANDING SITE….Fathership…aka discipleship…..the MOTHER….indicated…ALL seeing EYE…..however….the SHIP…or…UFO….was SEAMLESS….30 + feet……basically…EYE shaped……..IF it's the same ONE…their should be indicators of…CRAFT REMOVAL …already…..SO YOU guys know….THE CRAFT was…..LEGIT nd SEAMLESS……that's all…..IM GUESsING to KNOW about THIS……laaaaaater……BOYZ

  6. They are missing the minor details coz there's no trace of gold on it. Some of the older wood beams dug up from depth are curved, and far thicker than u would use for shoring up a tunnel. I suggest a ship was scavenged of its structural timber as a ready source of precut beams. I'd be looking at those thick beams to see which country they were grown in.

  7. The lead tag found on the slipway appears to be a checkseal. It would have been wiring a box shut, stating the contents. The fact that it was found where cargo would have initially come out of a hold suggests someone keen to see its contents, just chopped it off.

  8. just saying Dora The Explorer wouldve solved this already in one episode….bet she's got the map with a big red X on it, her enemies would be the swamp, finding the boulders and correct sequence for some puzzle and ending with the money pit. Swiper bitch ass probably be there waiting too at the treasure all his life to jump out as some old white hair fox to steal it.

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