Trackmania NEW CAMPAIGN – Winter 2021 Discovery

A brand new yr, a brand new Trackmania solo marketing campaign. 25 brand-new tracks await to be tackled by gamers from throughout the globe to combat for the victory within the Winter …

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42 thoughts on “Trackmania NEW CAMPAIGN – Winter 2021 Discovery

  1. very nice campaign… pitty that its not full ice (just kidding Xd) and that the maps are again remakes of the old ones

  2. SImply Nick struggled with some author medals his first time through. I think new players are really, really going to have a bad time.

  3. im not sure if this is balanced, but also loosing the fs department completely.. which is kinda sad ,, because some "pros" trash talk it so much that it almost disappeared ..

  4. About the difficulty : While watching the entirety of this video, I managed to get a wooping 4 green medals (15 to 18).
    So yeah, good maps, but hard ATs for sure

  5. IMO they should add a permanent campaign to follow up the "Training" section thats longer so you get more experience more like nations forever because with the seasonal campaigns getting harder there isn't enough easy content in the game for beginners to learn the ropes properly

  6. Ive always seen trackmania as a grinding game, it fits my style, i like doing that, i already play geometry dash which is just a platforming version of this game, this is a racing varient of it. I might be a noob, but i pushed myself hard, as nooby as it sounds, to get all gold and a few authors in fall campaign after getting almost all author in summer. I think getting harder is beneficial as it brings even the free to play players like myself to actually get good at the game, and if ever i buy the subscription for a year, ill look back at those early maps, probably improve all of my times and laugh at how bad i was. Recently i just rebeat all the trainings to get author cause i only got gold back in summer, and now i have all author, i have improved and i can see that and its thanks to tougher tracks. Im going to rage a lot this campaign, but im also going to get so much better if i want to gold every map again.

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