Total Drama Island Reboot EXPLAINED! New or Old Characters? HBO Max Episode Count Revealed!

Extra particulars surrounding the upcoming Whole Drama Island reboot on HBO Max and Cartoon Community have been revealed! Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet …

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48 thoughts on “Total Drama Island Reboot EXPLAINED! New or Old Characters? HBO Max Episode Count Revealed!

  1. It'll be interesting to see what sort of reality shows they parody. Kids today didn't grow up with Survivor style reality shows that TD used for most of its source material. Reality shows today are different (many aren't even competitions), so today's kids perhaps wouldn't get the joke as much as we did.

  2. I'm hyped for a new cast on a new island (iykyk). I still get YT recommended videos of other people's Total Drama Fanon shows and it makes me wish for the real thing. That, and another season of Stoked.

  3. I was one of the few who actually liked Chris Mclean above the contestants so I'm down for seeing him show up again and see how crazy he get with teens similar to one's today. Definitely looking forward to the nostalgia!

  4. Tbh the fact that its tiktoking and new characterss really doesn't annoy me. Even if its bad, I'm just happy to have new official TD content.

  5. ok I have grown up with this series and watched every season, yes I like the first cast but I also love every new character they introduced, so honest I will take a new character, but it would be nice to see what every characters is now doing and I mean every character not just the originals

  6. i do not wanna see Owen, Gwen, Heather, Courtney, Duncan or Alejandro at all, they’re so overhyped and overused
    also this reboot better not be cringe pc stuff that tries too hard to be current with trends…

  7. I get that they want to make it more towards the kids today but for the original fans it hurts to not see any original cast members. Best way it could possibly turn out would need at least some of the originals in the 2nd season, the older fans would be happy and who knows maybe the younger fans will want to watch the older seasons too after seeing the characters 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. I just hope this doesn't appeal to babies. Total Drama is supposed to be one of the more mature Cartoon Network shows appealing to 11-15 year olds.

  9. They better change that new stupid cast thing real quick. There is no possible way fresh TV doesn’t see that people want the old cast back

  10. As long as these newcomers have just as much, if not, more nuance to them than the OG cast to fit the stereotypes of today's kids, then I'm all for it. TDI set the gold standard for "kids you met or will eventually meet in High School and/or College."

  11. They could just be doing a veterans vs newbie type season which is what I'm hoping for in the new season and will make the silhouettes make sense

  12. we love how this came our right after they canceled total drama reunion as they probably only made this because they FINALY realized we wanted more of it instead of the baby show of the cast (which sucked ass)

    just saying but I'm really cringing at the fact the add tiktocing like really?

  13. I wonder if we'll get new characters voiced by celebrities like Tara Strong, Brian Drummond, and Ashleigh Ball, seeing that they and Cristian Potenza are Canadians.

  14. Everyone wearing hoodies, Airpods in and looking to the floor… Only conversations is by Whatsapp…… Loser loose the wifi-acces. I hope they refer to China spyware in tiktok🤣

  15. Most teens rn don't have twitter, the ones that would like this show are probably the meme community, not the tik tok community

  16. I think when Total drama viewers get a little older we'll see a revival of the original cast I think can probably two or three years

  17. I’m fine with a new cast as long as the writing and characters are actually good….

    If they DO bring back old cast members, Lindsay should win; Apparently she was supposed to win TDA, but her voice actor wasn’t able to record at the time so it couldn’t happen.

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