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27 thoughts on “Top 9 News || Morning News Updates – TV9

  1. Every man should be aware of corona to eradicate it from the world or country or state or district or urban or sem-urban or village.

  2. కుహనా మేధావీ….. ఏచూరిగారూ….. మోదీ ఏమి చేసినా తప్పు అని అననవసరం లేదు 🤗 చేసిన మంచి పనులు ముందు చెప్పి, తరవాత లోపాల గురించి మాట్లాడ వచ్చు కదా

  3. Cm kcr daily wages workers, auto rickshaw taxi drivers, electician plumber beggars 15000,rupees sent them by hand your corporator, mla or ward member areawise divide you then you lock down all district

  4. I can't understand what is going on with Ap government and what is it thinking is there anyone to question them please stop it mental thinking extend the lock down to every region in Ap

  5. All states CMs will demand PM for extra fund and PM says NO . BUT when AP SheeM ask for fund Modii says u want to go to jail or Fund . That's our SheeeM value .

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