Tony Beet’s Truck Goes Up In Flames! | Gold Rush

Tony Beets rushes to mine as a lot gold as doable whereas costs are excessive, shopping for a trommel value practically half 1,000,000 {dollars} to assist in the method. However when …

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45 thoughts on “Tony Beet’s Truck Goes Up In Flames! | Gold Rush

  1. I just love when they get along well, always put a smile on my face.. Thank you Tony and Parker.. Now I just wish the whole world can do this…. God bless you both and you loved ones….Amen

  2. 0:05 common Discovery, fucking can't even gather enough footage to make sure the drone isn't in the frame. That's shocking directing, editing, and shooting.

  3. 7:46 the engine ran hot and hot and hotter until it exploded. This doesn't happen out of the blue. No oil or the cooling water went missing. In both cases, there are alarm signals at the instrument panel. So the question should be how could Tony not see and hear the wake-up call?

  4. The truck possibly caught fire due to the DPF regen system. I see it more than I care to say, out here over the road.

  5. I love how Beets is always concerned with the bottom line. Always looking for a way to reduce cost. The amount of gold is static, so the only way to make more is to cost less. Something that was lost on the others

  6. When I visited Alaska 2 years ago people had nothing nice to say about Parker and the family. It made me upset because I remember how he started from the bottom up. Times have changed.., ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  7. This show is so scripted. Like I'm watching it last night and Todd Hoffman's crew was all arguing and looked like they were about to fight and fat ass Todd says some cheesy line about sticking together and they all start to pray.

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