Tommshrum [Upbeat Island] (animation) Monster Sounds

Ingredient: Shroom This time I used a masking method for the eyes, past that nothing particular. Some content material based mostly on Huge Blue Bubble. Parts of the …

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25 thoughts on “Tommshrum [Upbeat Island] (animation) Monster Sounds

  1. Tommshrum
    Elements: Shroom
    Bio: Even though tommshrum is huge it is also shy. It seems to have been aiding Truccus on his adventures. Just watch out when Tommshrum goes on a rampage you might get knocked out. It aims to keep Upbeat Island safe.
    Weapon: Tommshrum SMASH!!!

  2. Tommshrum Is A Mushroom
    A Grumpy Mushroom
    The Reason Why He Is So Grumpy Is Cause Everybody Complains That His Sounds Are The Worst
    Today Woah
    He will be more famous than before
    But He Had Never Had A Smile
    Not even A single laugh.

  3. Fanmade Stats:
    Element: 🍄
    Price: 5,000 💰

    Hatch Time: 5 Minutes
    Bio: Tommshrumm is quite a grouchy mushroom. Since he was stuck in the ground, he had no way of navigating, except using his arms to truly make a spot of the Tommshrumm Family Tree unique.

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