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39 thoughts on “To Ginger Island!! – Stardew Valley [23]

  1. When she said she was finally going to organize, and I was all like "YES! She's finally gonna move that oil to the fridge to make hashbrowns!" Then she sold all those potatoes … and then she didn't move the oil… my heart broke… The great potato tragedy ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I love how you have your farm set up on your planner. I'm on year 7 on the normal farm and mine doesn't look as good as yours 🙁 You should paint your buildings btw. You might like how it looks. You just go to robin or marnie to construct a building then click on paint where the move tab is. I play on pc as well and I use a ps4 controller through Bluetooth instead of keyboard and mouse.

  3. Lava eel roe is the most pricey one and it preserve for 3 days while caviar for 4 days. Lava eel also gives spicy eel which is good for the cavern.

  4. I hope she knows that she can select the sword as the eating animation is going on, you don't have to wait for the whole eating process to be finished.

  5. Wow Goobers! You have not checked in on your cat in a while! (in game oops!) I also love this series so much! Can't wait to tell my sister who plays the game more than me all these tips I'm learning just from YOUR gameplay!

  6. Poor Emily must feel so neglected. "She asks me to be her girlfriend, takes me on one date, and then ignores me? So much for gay destiny!"

  7. Hey Gab, don't know when (and if) you'll see this but you can wear copper pan (the tool used to take shiny stuff from rivers and ponds) as a hat so you'd have it on you all the time but it won't use the backpack space

  8. In my opinion you hardly use your money that you have. Buying Mega Bombs in bulk, like 100-200, will get you down Skull Cave so much faster then using your materials to craft them. Cause then you just bomb everything and get in to the 50+ easily.

  9. I swear that you either have the best luck of anyone on earth or they changed the drop rates for things. I couldn't get my hands on a single piece of iridium unless I went down to level 60 in the skull cavern.

  10. I wish i had Gab's enthusiasm when she wake up in-game irl. Just wake up and be like "LETTTT'SSSS GOOOOO!!!!". LMAO

    Gab: Maybe you get a parrot to re-parrot
    Me: lol puns

    Gab: "tara tuber… Grow fast when placed next to a body" she never said of water.
    Unleash Gab the murder!!! Haha

  11. Love your channel, few of your game play throughs have helped me alot. I like games like silent hill, resident evil (scary games). my problem is these games on the new consoles are not made for disabled people, now it's all button mash. thats disabiltyism

  12. I have been playing Stardew on my switch LOVE THE GAME SO MUCH and 1.5 just came over and I went to ginger island and honestly it gives me too much anxiety Lolol I guess I’ll stay over in stardew and the occasional trip to the desert

  13. Sebastian loves frogs 💗🐸💗 because he is my husband on my farm we have a tank for frogs he has rescued. Its super cute 💗🐸💗

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