This week's news without the bullshit (Week 38 2019)

Go to to take again your Web privateness TODAY and discover out how one can get three months free. Cheers Scrubs. Welcome to the …

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31 thoughts on “This week's news without the bullshit (Week 38 2019)

  1. Hi there. New to your channel. Um. Ok. Yeah bro…. wow moment….
    Hey guys, True Blue Aussie Here… New Zealand is expensive as fuck. You know that right?

  2. The raid didn't work and fully commence because there weren't enough people. With only 1,500 people actually showing up, the COULD in fact stop all of us, and certainly would.

  3. Swag, imma be honest, and I think I speak for more than just myself here, I'd be willing to straight up pay you for this weekly news service to continue 🙁 I dont want this to be the last episode!

    However, seeing as I cant single handedly pay your Bills either, I will respect your right as the creator of the channel to make these decisions ._.

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