This week's news without the bullshit (Week 3 2019)

Welcome to this week’s information with out the bullshit for the third week of 2019. Twitter: Patreon: Be a part of …

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21 thoughts on “This week's news without the bullshit (Week 3 2019)

  1. Jesus fucking Christ the line "Russia does a weird flex, the goes back to doing more dodgy shit" made me faint with laughter

  2. Is there anyway we can complain to youtube about them demonetizing these vids for no reason. Or are they just like everyone else (we fuck your ass, you take it and like it)

  3. YouTube has been a part of the Illuminati for a long time now. Feeding the stupid and suppressing the minds of the educated

  4. an addition to next week, a bunch of wankers tried to call a bunch of kids getting harrassed by racist indian protestors nazis, then got hit by the bamboozle switcharoonie when the facts and logic of the 2 hour footage became viral, and left from the washington post to phillip defranco, oweing an apology to these students for wanting to punch them.

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