This Jungle Island is Better than Mine!! | Miarain Dream Tour

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22 thoughts on “This Jungle Island is Better than Mine!! | Miarain Dream Tour

  1. this island is amazing! i literally can’t stop watching this video. totally making a tropical/jungle section in my forest core island :))

  2. Its so lovely! I can't get my coconut trees to plant that close to other things though as in this island. I wonder how she does it.

  3. Me: sees title
    Also me: Nah,
    Finishes the video: maybe, kinda, it was amazing. But I love tiger to much to say it’s better

  4. You said you needed inspo for Java: you could dig through a cliff to create a ravine and you could place assessed fossils down there and a shovel, and then around the top put the rope fence so it looks like a little closed off archeology site!😊

  5. 8:52 Tiger, that are grapes. it was a seasonal item for the new year, because in Spain (maybe in other countries too, but i wouldn't know) you eat 12 grapes in the 12 seconds before midnight. if you make it then you are have luck for the next year. One grape signifies one month. lysmm. And i am very sorry for my bad english, its not my mother lenguage

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