THEY RUINED THE NEW ALCATRAZ ALREADY! (Call of Duty: Warzone – Rebirth Island)

They one way or the other ruined the brand new Alcatraz already! Simply watch the intro…. FeelsBadMan. 🙁 If you wish to wrap up responsibly, or be certain that a buddy or liked one …

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27 thoughts on “THEY RUINED THE NEW ALCATRAZ ALREADY! (Call of Duty: Warzone – Rebirth Island)

  1. finally someone said it…they are really making warzone unenjoyable. I never had any complaints with BO4 once so ever. But for warzone theres a new problem every day. But why change the original version to meet the needs of the crybabies who just downloaded warzone after playing fortnite all their lives.

  2. Bobby your the best in the business..! Always enjoyed your content from BO4… Your the only gamer that took out a lobby with a doll lol

  3. Trying to go for the new weapon legendary hazardous assault rifle event in Alcatraz island. It's hard to fine a common weapon played like 50 matches no luck the other game mode i was finding them a lot but when they switch to mini Royals can't find no common weapon

  4. Look sooo much better without your long hair, i remember when i had my long hair back in the 80s 90s i did not want to cut it but when i did i felt fresh and would not go back to my long hair dont care stage 🤣🤣

  5. The right move for alcatraz in warzone is to remove it! Stick with verdansk and try to focus fixing bugs and glitches and install anti-cheat software. Alcatraz belongs in blackops. Keep it there. Its shit anyway

  6. Black ops 4 Alcatraz was the best but I actually was enjoying the rebirth version…. this shit tho is lame and games are like 6 mins

  7. bro ive been watching u for a while and im still pissed u dont have more than 1 million yet. the quality of your content and streams are way better than most youtubers with millions of subs.

  8. If your on a xbox or ps system you might as well not play crossover these pc players are moving miles faster than we can, some of these guys are shooting at where Bob was .3 seconds ago and getting killed from where he moved to but it hasn't even registered on their end. its insane.

  9. Went to play Alcatraz last night and changed to plunder as soon as i realised they ruined it. Plunder has respawns, loadout from the start. More chill and less sweaty than BR. Hope they change Alcatraz back asap!

  10. I totally agree with you fam we need to boycott war zone until they put Alcatraz resurgence back on bro, I fucking hate the game now I won’t hop back on until they put the game mode back on….

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