They REALLY wanted in my island

A double add!? A challenger approaches!? Campsite speedrun!? THIS IS VERY FORTUNATE!

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32 thoughts on “They REALLY wanted in my island

  1. Fuchsia’s my favorite villager too!! She was one of the first 2 on my island. That does mean she has a crappy house, but oh well

  2. I literally just got her at my campsite yesterday but I couldn’t take her because I have a forest cottagecore theme and she doesn’t fit the theme sadly

  3. This happened to me today when i recently got Rowan to move in (aka tony the tiger's son) and was told there was a camper at the site. Gladys was there, and while i wasnt hunting for her, i was open to her moving in under the condition she choose Patty to move out. She chose correct, 1/10 YASSS 🥰

  4. This basically happened with me and Fang the other day, except I had to play a game…which I won on the first try. Apollo had asked to move out that very same day, so he ended up being the one that Fang talked to (if you have a camper in your campsite and you've already ok'd one of your villagers to move out that very same day, the camper will always ask to talk with the mover). I love Apollo, but he doesn't go as well with my island as Fang does. But my brother wanted Apollo, so he got someone to move out and took Apollo for me. In the end, I got Fang super easily and my brother got one of his all-time favorite villagers! 😀

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