There You Are! : Foamy The Squirrel (Island Series)

Foamy & Pilz-E monitor down Sue Z. June on a distant island and begin some form of squirrelly shenanigans. Assist Out if ya can : PATREON: …

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33 thoughts on “There You Are! : Foamy The Squirrel (Island Series)

  1. Much as i like the new "host" from previous episodes part of me still wants to see what happens when she gets the bad cream cheese

  2. Getting rid of Germaine if continuity serves then that means foamy finally snapped and killed her like countless owners before

  3. The only issue I have is that in the older videos—and I've gone back to watch to confirm it isn't just nostalgic memories—his ad-libbing, or scripting, or whatever, was way more genuine, particularly the emotion. Foamy's interaction with PillZ (sp?) was always so spot on that I would oftentimes wonder how he managed to get such solid dialogue, especially if he wasn't scripting.
    I've watched a dozen or so newer episodes from various parts of the series—rants, random episodes of the main series—and in this one as well, he just doesn't manage to capture that "lightning in a bottle," that certain something that was so consistently brilliant in the older cartoons, particularly in the interactions between various characters. He had such distinct, personality-driven, emotionally strong interactions between, say, the Starbucks guy, or Garmaine, or the two other squirrels, and each interacting with one another was always interesting because they all seemed so distinct, and the dialogue rarely felt like he was trying for something and failing.
    For instance, in this episode, toward the end, PillZ said the line about cleaning up the blood. . . that felt so on-the-nose. I don't remember ever feeling that sense that a line was being spoken quite so blatantly. It fell flat for me.

    To give a quick criticism, I'd say that you should keep the human characters a bit less animated. The girl moving around felt erratic and glitchy, like a character jittering through a wall in an Ubisoft game. Less might be more there.
    The squirrels can be more animated because they're smaller and, well, squirrels.

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