The UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS of This Island Will Drive You to Insanity – The Shore (Full Release)

The Unspeakable Horrors of This Island Will Drive You to Madness – The Shore (Full Launch) Half 1 Welcome again to The Shore! The Shore is a lovecraftian, …

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41 thoughts on “The UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS of This Island Will Drive You to Insanity – The Shore (Full Release)

  1. One thing that really stuck with me when I watched the demo of this game was the man's voice. Something about the raspiness in his voice at the beginning gives off such sad emotions, like you just know he's gone through so much that it's worn him down. It's such good voice acting, made me really invested. I agree with IGP with how the right voice can give just as much impact as well-orchestrated music for the moment.

    Is it just me, though, or can you tell that the voice acting's different for the new content?

  2. The moment the protagonist said he would go to the deepest pit to see once again his daughter I thought "So be it" and the next second the voice in his head said it! XD
    That's true chills down your spine here! The ambiance is really well made and immersive. ^^
    And IGP's reaction when seeing the monster going out of the water onto the beach, blocking on it like his brain was saying "What the hell am I seeing?! Is that really happening!?" before starting to run away was good! x)

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