the tik tok love island kids are at it again

2020 wasn’t all dangerous. Here is some good issues that occurred in 2020. F*ck Off Socks have been restocked at Rift! FOLLOW ME …

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21 thoughts on “the tik tok love island kids are at it again

  1. pls make this a series so we don't have to suffer and watch it for ourselves. plus, u make it wayyyyyy more interesting

  2. I'm 100% with you in all of your comments I can't stand them, truly, and I don't think you're being mean but rather authentic. I guess we have to keep in mind that we were all total wankers and idiots when we were fresh out of high school too we just didn't have the opportunity to be famous and make being a gormless twit our actual job. First vid I have watched if yours, new sub cos you seem rad. Stay blessed lovely.

  3. Colie calls herself the queen of straps on tiktok now (by straps I mean g-string straps) she calls it “statement”

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