The Sims 4 Island Living – Water Villa – Speed Build

Thanks EA Gamechangers for inviting me to EA Play in Los Angeles to take a look at the model new Sims four growth pack: Island Residing! There I obtained to seize this …

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32 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Island Living – Water Villa – Speed Build

  1. hellow dear can u tell me the name of application and u should make a video with basic concepts on this application,it ll b great

  2. I love what you to mate. do you have another email address. the one you added here is failing. Sent you a message on Facebook

  3. Je moet niet zo veel draaien met je scherm wordt er gewoon duizelig en misselijk van. Misschien een tip voor je volgende filmpje

  4. You are an amazing builder but this is so unfair to give some youtubers/builders access to new game packs or expansion packs!! Its not cool.. you guys get to play and build and upload and fetch all the views!! Give fellow budding builders/youtubers a chance to grow!! This is mean!! I dont appreciate sims4official doing this!!

    PS: no offence to you Dutchsims4master, i really like tour builds.

  5. I say the pack is more Fijian & New Zealand theme then any other pacific Islands 🌴 because I went to Fiji & New Zealand and I have relatives from Fiji 🇫🇯

  6. Love your build! I really like that you had kind of a vacation villa resort style to it! and I liked that you had put the greenery to its own platforms. Very unique and what I had visioned for the vibe of this pack!

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