The Sims 4™ Island Living: Official Gameplay

Welcome to Sulani, the place the solar shines vivid and the nights are completely chill. Encompass your Sims with solar and sand in The Sims Four Island Residing!* Out there …

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34 thoughts on “The Sims 4™ Island Living: Official Gameplay

  1. Do a 'pregnancy'/ 'First time mothers' game pack!
    like being able to plan a baby shower event or babies first birthday, and more infant things such as cribs, furniture and decors.
    Just a cool idea i thought about lol

  2. So glad they took inspiration from actual Polynesian/Pacific Island culture (like some of the objects used, the clothing, etc.) I don't have many packs, but this is def my favorite 🙂

  3. I was so happy and excited for mermaids but y all dissapointed me . Y all could do spellcasters and vampires good but cant do MERMAIDS AND ALIENS , fr they need an update

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