The Sims 3 – Tropicolor Island – Release Trailer | Download

Tropicolor Island is a spot for sims who seek for a extra relaxed life-style, but additionally for sims who’re trying to find a extra adventurous life fashion. This island …

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47 thoughts on “The Sims 3 – Tropicolor Island – Release Trailer | Download

  1. Is the world finished now? I'd love to add it to my game! i'm asking this because it was made 2 years ago. i hope you answer back!

  2. Cool! I'm looking for new worlds to create Let's Plays in- can you message me when this is finished? I wouldn't mind showing it off for you. What initial size is the world?

    Also, was there a purpose behind the world, for you?

  3. I'm a year late but I'm still a Sims 3 player and appreciate your diligent effort in completing this world for us. THANKS!

  4. The world doesn't work for me, I can't load my saved games (I can start a new game though). Maybe the problem is that you've used those 4 store items that I don't have installed. I hope there will be an update that works for everyone. Maybe it will work just fine if you leave out those store items! 😉 xoxoxoxo

  5. Someone helpppp I was able to successfully download and play this world but every single tree/ plant etc has been replaced by those giant birch trees or something, it doesn't look tropical or anything at all. I only have the base game and a ton of custom content and a little bit of store content, but no expansion packs or anything. What could I do to fix this? 🙁

  6. im a bit confused, i thought the paradise color 14 would be in the world but its not.. when will it be released for download?

  7. Beautiful world. You really did an amazing job, I am definitley downloading it and can not wait to play. Well done DutchSims3Master.

  8. WoooHOoo! Yahhh!! been waiting on your beautiful world. Its so beautiful. Thanks A million for doing this and giving us something amazing in this game. I really appreciate all your hard dedicated work. Thanks <3

  9. Wow this is a perfect island getaway and as soon as I catch up on my house building skills, lol I will definitely be creating a build video for this world. Great job 🙂

  10. I've download the world and then started building in it then save and quite the game but when i went back to game i couldn't anyone have same problem? 

  11. The wereld ziet er super mooi uit!!! Maar wel jammer dat er niet zoveel huizen zijn…. Ik hoopte op een wereld met heel veel huizen van jou:)

  12. this is a very nice world you've worked hard on this for us don't let no one discredit your work this is very good …. keep up the good work and can you make another world in the past maybe 🙂

  13. So beautifull! Just a shame that its not populated tho…. I wish that anyone with populate it with me and share that populated version 

  14. wel wat jammer dat er niet zo veel kavels zijn ja, maar misschien dat je nog speedbuilds kan doen van huizen of openbare kavels die bij de wereld passen (en die passen er waarschijnlijk altijd wel bij aangezien al je huizen er meestal tropisch uit zien haha!) maar echt mooi gemaakt!!

  15. OMG it is beautiful!!!  Much better than EA worlds … watching this on my tablet, can't wait to get home and download this epic world.   A million thanks for all your hard work, the love and care shine through!!

  16. Wow city)))) This is not who do not and will not! You are very very cool and awesome house))) I am from Russia, but look long .. Good luck in the prosperity of the channel))) (Maybe something is not clear because I use a translator)

  17. can anyone help me out i just downloaded the world and it goes through install and says installation failed please make sure you have the latest updates to the game and try again (but i do have the the latest updates) please help? (i also have all the expansions and stuff packs) 

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